How to Create Your Own Garden Retreat

Most everyone has a place in their home where they can go to escape from the stresses of life. This place should be an oasis of beauty and tranquility. In many cases, it is usually a decorated back yard or garden where nature can be enjoyed. The decor should display personality and charm with things that fill the owner with good feelings and fond memories.

Devising a plan would be the best place to start creating this oasis. Allow the imagination to run wild with ideas. Practicality can be incorporated when the budget is established, and the details are sorted out. Until then the possibilities are endless, and improvisation will make up for what money cannot buy. If the dream includes a Koi pond, but the budget does not; make one. The budget may not allow for the services of a landscaper; however, with a little ingenuity and instructions, it may be possible.

What is a garden without flowers? The plan should outline several things before the planting process begins:

1. Decide on a color scheme.

2. Which flowers are available in the selected colors?

3. Should the selections be annuals or perennials?

4. How much sun do they need?

5. Which ones will thrive in shade?

6. Are the selections climbing plants or ground cover?

The flowers should be planted where they will thrive the most. There are flowers that will thrive in shade such as begonias and impatiens. These types could be planted under a tree for instance.

The decor should also include a water feature as well as lights and sitting areas. If a Koi pond is not desired, a fountain could serve as an alternative. A porch or garden swing and Adirondack chairs are other options. The choice of garden swing cushions could represent the theme or character of the yard. The choice of accents such as the swing cushions will surely serve as the finishing touch of your customized garden retreat.

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