How to exterminate mice from my house?

It is a widely known that mice can be very dangerous. They are filthy. They can infect a house with droppings everywhere and on everything. If you have mice in your house be careful when you touch things. Mice can carry fatal disease germs or might be infected with rabies.

So what to do when you have these little deadly house invaders? Well there are various methods and ways to get rid of mice problem. A good hunting cat can be a great help. However, if any one in your family has cat allergies then this option is out for you. You can also try traps, poisons or can hire professional mice exterminators. But before calling professional help and spending a large fee take a trip to your local hardware shop and check out some tools that can be of some help in this problem.

You can get traditional old snap traps. These old traps are quit useful, cheap and very easy to use. It is a simple bait technique. All you have to do is set the trap with a food chunk and place it where you think mice are likely to go (probably the place where you find their droppings every day). It will terminate the mouse swiftly and then you may throw trap and mouse out of the house straightaway. Some electrical traps, similar to snap traps, are also available in the market. They also exterminate mice instantly but, unlike snap traps, they may be used again and again. They do not come cheap but their utility can make up for the cost.

Another type of traps is glue traps. They also work on a bait technique but a glue trap will not kill the mouse immediately. Leaving them to either starve to death or you will have to kill the mouse yourself.

Some other methods include poison and rather unconventional methods such as using strobe lights and black lights in mice infested places. Sonic repellents can also be use to get a house completely cleared from mice.

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