How to Increase the Value of my Home?

When building a home, as well as thinking about what features you want to add for practicality as well as your comfort, also think about what will increase the value of your home. While you might not be worried about the resale value during construction, it is something that you should consider. Property valuation software can help you keep track of the value of your property. Seek advice from people in real estate and from your builder as to where you can increase the value of your home.


If you have just built a new home on a vacant block then you should get to work at putting in a garden as soon as you can. Having a garden can increase the value of your property by about ten percent when you go to sell. Make sure you have your boundary fences and any gates required, and if you need retaining walls or any other structural landscaping get on to these first. Plants can be quite expensive but if you shop around or if you buy them when they are smaller you can get them a lot cheaper. If you are getting them smaller it is wise to put the plants in as soon as possible so they have time to get established and get to a decent size before you sell.

Outdoor area

Create a whole new outdoor room by building a deck or having a paved area in your garden. You can then build a veranda or patio and make a fantastic entertainment area. Put in a barbecue or outdoor kitchen, and as well as having an ideal area for summer parties, you have significantly increased the value of your property.


If you have the space and the funds putting in an in ground pool will add value to your property. You will also get plenty of use out of it, especially if you put in heating. Solar heating is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option. You need to look after your pool, so be prepared to keep up with the cleaning as it can get quite dirty fairly quickly if left. You might want to invest in a pool cover that you can put over the pool during the winter months, which will stop the leaves and other debris from falling in and means you don’t have to keep up the maintenance as regularly during winter.

Curtains and blinds

Many new homes are built and curtains are not included. A lot of young couples moving into their first home often start out with blankets and sheets on their windows, and this will offer you some privacy in the short term. Adding curtains or blinds to your home will improve the look of your home and increase the value. You can order blinds, curtains or shutters online and save quite a lot of money. Keep an eye out for curtain and fabric businesses that are having sales. You might find that you can dress up all your windows for a lot less than you think.

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