How to Install Solar Driveway Lights

If you are looking for an easy way to light up the path along your driveway, then you should consider installing solar driveway lights. The benefits of solar driveway lighting extend beyond the obvious ones that include energy savings and a break for the environment. The installation process for solar powered driveway lights is another big benefit and is so easy that virtually any homeowner can install the lights on their own without the need for professional help, thus making this an easy DIY lighting project.

Why is it so easy to install solar driveway lights? It’s simple – there are no electrical wires to hook up. Since each solar driveway light usually comes with its own small solar panel either incorporated into the light itself or positioned directly next to the light, all that is needed is to follow the directions to make sure the solar panel is hooked up correctly and is facing in the proper direction in order to maximize the solar energy it collects.

Some styles of lighting, such as solar driveway marker lights may come in a set in which the lights are all connected to a system and there is one central panel for collecting the solar energy. Marker lights are small stick like lights that are positioned in the ground and stand up, like markers, to delineate the edge of the driveway. In the case of installing marker lights that are part of a set rather than each containing their own small solar panel, a small low voltage wire may be set into the ground to connect each of the marker lights to the main circuit which then houses a larger solar panel to collect the energy for the whole set. This is easy to do, since the wiring only needs to be about an inch or two under the surface. In many cases, this can be accomplished by either running it along the driveway’s edge or by taking a small hoe and lifting up the edge of the grass or sod and positioning the wire directly underneath.

There is no need to dig large and deep holes to complete the installation.

Other types of solar driveway lights, such as solar driveway flood lights and solar driveway lantern lights almost always have their own solar panels affixed to the lighting fixture, so all that is required is for you to dig a small hole to insert the lighting into the ground and to make sure it is secure. If you are using taller post lights, you may have to secure the posts into the ground with cement so that they do not tip over in the wind or if someone accidentally knocks into them.

Most solar lights for driveway use contain LED bulbs, just like solar patio lights or other outdoor solar lights, since they provide the brightest light with the smallest amount of energy needed. Solar LED driveway lights have another benefit as well, in addition to the bulbs shining more brightly than traditional incandescent bulbs. Not only are the bulbs brighter and more energy efficient, but they also last a great deal longer than incandescent bulbs, so they will not need to be replaced very often.

So, if you have been thinking about installing lighting along the edges of your driveway and want an easy DIY project that can be completed quickly and can provide big results with no extra use of electrical power, then you should look into one of the many types of solar driveway lights that are now being sold. You can buy solar driveway lights online at a number of retailers and some stores that sell other types of driveway or solar lighting may have styles of lighting for sale as well. When it comes to the biggest selection and the best solar driveway lighting prices, though, you are usually best off looking online.

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