How to Look After Meat Grinders

If you haven’t got a meat grinder then you should consider kitchenaid meat grinder for your next kitchen home appliance. You might have the latest kitchen canister sets but a traditional meat grinder is fast becoming an essential gadget for the kitchen. Manual meat grinders are the more traditional form however can take a lot of effort to grind your meat. That is where an electric meat grinder will make your life easier. A commercial meat grinder is normally electric powered due to the amount of meat normally being ground.

We are all trying to be healthier and eat less processed food. Particularly due to the amount of salt and additives that get added to our meat today. The advantage of grinding meat yourself is you know exactly what is going into your sausage, mince or burger. Some meat grinders including a mixing mechanism which means you can combine different types of meat or add vegetables or spices to your mix.

Safety First

As with all electrical appliances and particularly kitchen appliances that contain blades the following safety precautions should be taken.

Make sure all bones and rind are removed from the meat before mincing. Always unplug before disassembling, after use and before cleaning. Always use a pusher and never put your fingers or utensils in the feed tube. The cutting blade is sharp, handle with care at all times. To avoid electric shocks, never let the power unit, cord or plug get wet. If the meat grinder is damaged get it checked or repaired by an authorised dealer. Never let the cord hang down where a child could grab it. Meat grinders are not intended for use
by young children and they should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.

Care and Cleaning

If you look after your meat grinder then you should get years of use and good quality mince. If it is an electric meat grinder then the power unit with a damp cloth then dry. Carefully dismantle the meat grinder with the tools provided handle the cutter with care. Wash all the parts in hot soapy water, then
dry. Probably best not to put in the dishwasher as this may damage your appliance. Re-assemble as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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