How to Make Your Home Perfect for Entertaining

If you have always wanted to throw great parties at home or have a fantastic area for entertaining, then there are a few easy things you can do to make your home perfect for entertaining. Whether you install a water filter tap into your kitchen to make it easier to serve pure healthy water, or if you renovate your outdoor area and install a veranda, build a timber decking or lay sandstone pavers, with a bit of imagination you can make your home a great place to invite friends over.

Outdoor kitchen

If you are going to put in a new outdoor area consider putting in a whole outdoor kitchen. If you plan on entertaining a lot an outdoor kitchen will mean that the cook does not need to be shut away inside the house while everyone else is outside enjoying themselves and it also means that if you are cooking outside you don’t need to ferry back and forth between your kitchen indoors and the barbecue outside to prepare the meal. An outdoor kitchen can include a sink with a water filter, cupboard space and even a small fridge for drinks. Have plenty of bench space and have it constructed from materials that will stand up to being outdoors in the weather.

Outdoor area

Turn your outdoors into a great area for entertaining by putting in a timber decking or laying some good pavers, which can be made from various materials like bluestone, concrete or sandstone. It is a good idea to have a shaded area so either a veranda or pergola is a good idea. No back garden is complete without a barbecue and there are many different models out there ranging in price from the affordable to the hugely expensive. Consider your budget and how often you will be using it. If you plan on using it more than once a week perhaps go for something slightly more pricey that will last you longer and is a bit bigger for when you have lots of guests over.

Lounge area

Create a comfortable lounge area that has a laid back relaxing feel to it. Don’t make your lounge room too formal otherwise people won’t feel comfortable sitting in it for fear of making a mess or damaging the furniture. Spacious lounge suites that can seat a number of people are a good idea, especially a suite that is more of a horseshoe shape as it will mean guests are looking at each other while they are talking. Pile it with plenty of soft cushions that suit your décor.


A home with a central kitchen is great for entertaining as it means the cook isn’t left out and people tend to naturally gravitate towards where the food is being prepared. A kitchen with large benches is practical because it means you have enough space to prepare food, lay out platters and drinks and gives enough room for guests to to sit or stand around the bench. Some stools around the bench give somewhere for people to sit.

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