How to Make Your Own Conservatory Blinds

Conservatory blinds are some of the simplest type of blinds you can buy – or make. They can be found in shops, where you can choose from different shapes and patterns, or you can make your own conservatory blinds if you are looking to save a bit of money. The basic idea of a conservatory blind is simple – it is a roller shade that you can make out of any fabric or material that rolls down to provide protection from the sun or to provide privacy, and can be easily rolled up to enjoy the view to the outdoors.

Before you begin your DIY conservatory blinds project, you should first calculate the amount of material required, measuring the height and width of your window frames. Then you should add an additional 10% of extra material, and at least an extra 30cm in length, which will be required so you can arrange your conservatory blind around the roller mechanism and around the blind’s frame.

In addition, before you get started you will need to make sure you have a few different types of tools in order to make your job easier. Tools like a tape measure, some small blades, scissors, skins, a sewing machine, and glue or pastes will make your job easier to complete. You will also need some other materials including a kit for blinds, which contains a roll of wood or metal (for the roller mechanism) and some support brackets to attach the blinds to the wall or window frame, the fabric you will be using, and sewing thread.

To get started, you should first fix the support, which you will find in your conservatory blinds kit, to the wall or window frame following the manufacturer’s instructions. It is very possible that the roller kit may not fit the window exactly, so you need to measure the distance between the supports and after that, you may need to cut the roller to the proper size using a saw if it doesn’t fit properly. Make a mark in the place where you need to cut the frame, if it’s too long, and cut it down with a saw that can cut through the type of material that the roller is made from (wood or metal). You should sand the irregular edges of your frame with sandpaper after it is cut.

The next step in this operation is to cut the material for the conservatory blind to the proper size, allowing for the extra material needed. The material should first be dressed in accordance with instructions which can be found on the dressing spray bottle. After this, you have to let the material dry. Once it’s dried and hardened, the material will be measured on the outline and you will draw some guideline lines with tailoring chalk. Be careful and cut the fabric to the size you need and with care to avoid bending or wrinkling.

Then you should measure the wood or aluminum frame circumference of the roller and you can start to make the seam on the back side of the material and lock it well with sewing thread. Before you start sewing the seam, put the frame in it to ensure that it fits. After you remove the frame from the seam, you can sew it following a straight line, using a thread in the same color as the material for the conservatory blinds so it is not noticeable. Since it is a very hard material, beware that the material doesn’t buckle or bend.

After you finish this step, you should remove the paper which is covering the sticky side of the roller and attach it to the conservatory blind material. The last step is to install the frame into the fixed wall or frame supports. Fix your new conservatory blinds in the holder, then lift them up and let them down easily to check that they work properly.

That’s all you need to do, and it’s not very hard to make conservatory blinds. You will spend less money by making your own conservatory blinds, will have more options because you can choose any type of fabric you want, and you will obviously be more enchanted with the result when all of your friends and family comment on how nice your new conservatory blinds are!

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