How to Make Your Own Garden Statue

Let’s agree that some gardeners have a thing for mixing the garden up. They know how to plant the pansies and the hydrangea, but they don’t shy away from the exotic plants either. These are the gardeners who like garden statues – who know that a good garden statue can set off the surrounding greenery like almost nothing else. Doesn’t matter if it’s a cheerful little cherub or a great big gargoyle. Garden statues rock.

And the only thing that improves on garden statues and can really make them even more interesting is building your own garden statue. That’s right – it’s not for the faint of heart – but DIY garden statues can be a lot of fun to build. Like many things, designing and building your own garden statuary can be as simple or as complicated as you like. The measure of success is in how much fun you have with the process – and not necessarily what the quality of the end result is.

Start by studying your garden. Exactly what type of statue is it looking for? Something abstract? Or maybe a human figure pining over the rose bushes? Do you want a large statue or a small one? What’s it going to call attention to – the garden statue itself or the plants nearby? Will the statue sit in front of any type of garden buildings or amongst the flowers, or will it sit out in the open on its own?What kind of pedestal will it need? Your garden design plan should readily accommodate your statue needs.

Once you know what the garden needs, it’s time to start brainstorming. Pull out some paper and a pen and get to work. Throw every image you can come up with down on paper. Don’t edit yourself – not at this stage. See what your brain is capable of and then pick something you like and begin to refine and narrow it. The more detail you have at this stage, the easier the subsequent stages will go.

The nuts and bolts work comes when you build the armature. This is a plywood and chicken wire frame that sort of acts as your statue’s skeleton. This will loosely approximate the final shape of the figure. Once it’s all set, begin to add the actual material of the sculpture. This can be plaster of paris, wax, or even concrete!

Once your garden statue is finished, then it’s time to decorate it. Again, your taste and enjoyment is all that matters. You can paint it any color you like – you can even slap a beach hat on it! Feel free to add jewels, shells or rocks to the finished statue to give that extra bit of pizzazz.

Then just sit back and enjoy your creation. While your own DIY garden statue may not be considered a work of art by some, it should bring you enjoyment each time you are sitting out in your garden and you look at your creative outlet and think to yourself, “I made that!” After all, aren’t garden statues just an outlet for someone’s self expression? If they happen to enhance your garden decor as well, then that should be considered an added bonus!

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