How to Plant Grass by Seed

Planting grass seed is an easy, yet time intensive task. There are only a few steps one must take, but each of these needs to be followed to ensure that you get a beautiful, full and green lawn.

We will break down how to plant grass seed into the following steps: purchasing the seed for your lawn, preparing your soil, spreading your seeds and maintaining your lawn.
planting grass seedPurchasing your seeds

You don’t want to purchase cheap, low quality or invasive seeds. One highly advertised grass seed is “Canada Green Grass Seed“. This seed is a prime example of low quality seeds. It uses fast growing annual seed which can compete with the perennial grass you want to grow. Perennial grass is a type which lives years, instead of only a season.

Check with your local garden center for the best seed for your particular climate and area. Each climate has its own conditions and depending on if it snows, you receive constant high temperatures and drought summers, or you live in a cool coastal climate, your seed purchase should reflect this. You will also need to keep in mind the particular micro-climate of the area where you are trying to grow your lawn. Will it be getting full sun? Partial shade? Is it windy? Protected? These are all factors to consider.

Preparing Your Soil

Another factor for how well your new lawn will grow is the soil. You should make sure to properly prepare it. Here are some general guidelines:

Till your soil – You will need to till your soil before planting your grass seed. Make sure to remove all rocks and other inorganic materials.

Get rid of high and low spots – High or low spots on your lawn will receive more moisture or might be dryer. Make sure the ground is even so the entire lawn receives the same amount of water. This helps prevent future problems such as mold and dead areas. You can use a lawn roller to help level the ground.

Fertilize or supplement your soil – Make sure your soil has the proper nutrients for your new lawn to get established.

Spread Your Seeds

The hard part is done! Now it is time to spread your seed. Make sure to do this on a windless day, so they do not blow away. You can also mix your seeds with some sand to ensure that you evenly distribute them. Once your seed has been spread, make sure to go over the soil with a rake or hoe to slightly cover your seeds.

Maintain Your New Lawn

For the next couple of weeks, make sure that you water the lawn periodically. You never want seedlings to completely dry out or they will die. A good rule of thumb is to water at least 1-3 times a day, less if it is cool more if it is hot. You do not want to over saturate the lawn because this can cause the seeds to drown or rot, but you should water often enough so it does not dry out. This should be maintained until the grass is at least 2 inches high.
And that’s about it. In a couple of short weeks you can be enjoying a beautiful new lawn!

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