How To Prevent Burglar Alarm System False Alarms

If you’re serious about protecting your home and property, a burglar alarm or home security system is a worthwhile investment. As the systems have become more technologically advanced in recent times, prices have dropped. And nowadays, most people can afford a burglar alarm.

Technology has made home security systems easier to use and more robust. Many of today’s systems can also warn against carbon monoxide, fire, and rising water. But virtually any system can produce false alarms, which are costly and dangerous because they can keep responders from genuine emergencies.
burglar alarmThe vast majority — 70% — of false alarms are due to user error. So preventing them is relatively easy and involves making sure you and your family are well trained.

Here are some easy things you can do to prevent false alarms:

* Everyone who has access to your home should know how to cancel an alarm. This could include a baby sitter, dog walker, or house keeper. See the manual that came with your system for details. Make sure the number to the security monitoring service is handy and that everyone knows where to find it. If you’re going to test your system with family members — and you should — phone the monitoring service in advance.

* Check to make sure that the connections on your windows and doors are tight and secure. If they aren’t, a break in the circuit could occur, resulting in a false alarm.

* Many false alarms occur when people forget that their alarm is set and then try to go out their door to their backyard or patio, thus setting off the alarm, so pay attention to when the alarm is set before opening any door in your home, not just the front door or garage door.

* If you have an outdoor wireless security camera that is tied into your home’s burglar alarm, periodically check all connections between the camera and the system to ensure that a loose connection does not set off the alarm unexpectedly.

* Keep the monitoring service up to date regarding your contact information. If you get a new mobile number, let them know.

* Keep your motion detectors clean. Insects and cobwebs can trigger them. And check to make sure that your pets don’t set them off. If they do, you can have them readjusted. Fans and heaters can also cause drafts that will make plants or curtains move. This can also set off motion detection sensors. And if your motion detectors are pointed towards the windows and you have window or porch awnings outside the window, make sure they are set as to not pick up any shadows that are cast from the awnings blowing in the wind.

* If your system is wireless, check the batteries often and replace them as needed.

These simple steps should help prevent any false alarms caused by your burglar alarm system.

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