How to Protect Vegetables and Flowers From Deer And Other Animals

Gardening is one of the most pleasurable outdoor activities in which an individual may partake. There is a certain measure of stress relief found by many people who have taken this up as a hobby. The stress level may be elevated, however, by the intrusion of woodland creatures, such as deer, into the garden.

Deer, as opposed to smaller animals, are most likely to cause the largest amount of damage to a vegetable or flower garden. Along with eating some of the more flavorful plants, they have a tendency to step on others in the area during that process. This leads to quite a bit of peripheral damage in and around the garden area.
deer Many people seem to think that installing a fence is an easy solution to this issue. While it may be an easy solution, it is by no means the least expensive, particularly if the garden is a large one. There are many other methods that can be utilized to alleviate this problem without going through the cost of installing a perimeter fence.

By regularly applying a spray on deer repellent, either commercial grade or something that is made at home, and applying it by means of a hand-held sprayer or spraying system, this issue may be eliminated. Many of the spraying systems may be permanently installed in the garden area and the majority are triggered using motion detectors. This allows the deer repellent mixture to be sprayed when necessary as opposed to having to find out about the deer after the fact.

For those with smaller gardens or less deer traffic, there are many more inexpensive ways to repel deer and many can be made right in the kitchen. The recipes for these utilize items from around the home that are normally already available. Many of these use normal kitchen spices such as chili powder, cayenne pepper, garlic, or Tabasco sauce, and eggs or cooking oil to create them.

The most inexpensive method, and one that has also been found to be very effective, is the use of bars of deodorant soap. By taking an open bar of soap and wrapping it in either a piece of cheesecloth or an old sock, and then hanging it around the garden area, deer are repelled by the scent. This can also be quite effective if you hang a single bar on a tree or shrub that receives undue attention from deer or other woodland animals.

The homemade mixtures may be applied by either sprinkling them on manually or utilizing some sort of spray device. For those with a larger garden or more trees needing coverage, a 2 or 3-gallon sprayer with a pump built in will make covering the area a much easier process. Many gardeners already have a sprayer of this type at their disposal, as this is the same type used for spraying pest control mixtures.

The need to protect plants while gardening can become overwhelming for some if they happen to live in an area that is densely populated by deer. By going on the internet and searching out these homemade recipes and products, one can choose the correct combination that will work for their locale. Many of the websites will have reviews from gardeners around the country, attesting to the effectiveness of the methods in the areas in which they live.
Gardening is such an enjoyable activity for many, and worrying about how to repel deer and other creatures should not get in the way of the pleasure that is received from a garden full of plants, vegetables and flowers.

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