How to Save Money Around Your Home

After having purchased a new home, and having to pay unavoidable things like stamp duty and conveyancing fees, many people start to look to ways to get back on top of their finances. Also, with today’s unstable economic climate many families are looking to ways to save money around the house. By changing our everyday habits, curbing our spending and looking at more efficient ways of running appliances in our homes, we can cut a lot of money off our monthly spending. Looking at installing energy efficient appliances can make a huge difference to your power bills, as well as helping the environment. Having solar panels for your home will mean that you can rely on the sun’s energy to heat your water and even supply your electricity to your house.

Tips and tricks

If you do a bit of research you will discover that there are a lot of ways you can save money around the house, even in small ways, which in the long run add up. Things like using toilet paper instead of tissues, which is a lot cheaper, or mixing up your own cleaning products. Vinegar and bicarb soda are good old fashioned cleaners that work in a variety of ways, saving you on buying different expensive chemicals for each household cleaning task. There are hints on using the last of a product out of a jar or saving on things like paper in your fax machine by simply re-using the paper and printing on the blank side.


Your groceries bill will make up a big portion of your weekly budget, and with the cost of food constantly rising it is common place now for families to look for better deals. Do a bit of research and compare prices between supermarkets. Smaller supermarkets will have less choice of products and tend to be a little limited on the savings they can give you. Larger supermarket chains have weekly specials and often will advertise in their catalogues that get delivered to your letter box. Home brand versions of items will offer you a significant saving and are often just as good as the name brands. It is cheaper to stock up on non-perishable items when they are on sale, so have a place to store extra items at home. When you go shopping don’t go when you are feeling hungry, as you will find that you will spend more, and mostly on things you don’t need. Plan your weekly meals and write a shopping list, then make sure you stick to it.

Energy efficient

Make your home more energy efficient, help the environment and save money around your home at the same time. Update any old appliances with energy efficient versions and go for a dishwasher and a washing machine that uses less water. Install a water saving shower head and investigate replacing your toilet for one that uses less water per flush too. Having a solar panel installed on your roof can make a huge difference as you can have your hot water system powered by the sun as well as supply your home with solar energy.

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