How to Save Time on Your Landscape

Do you want the landscaping in the front and back of your home to look as if you have put an immense amount of effort into it, without actually having to do much work? This is completely understandable, as being able to have an awesome landscape without having to put so much time and effort into it is just about every homeowner’s dream. A lot of amateur landscapers believe that nothing can be done to speed up the process of having a pristine lawn and lush, vibrant landscaping, and they begrudgingly go through the motions just so they can have that sweet, final result. If, however, you just want the result without all the hard work, then here are a couple of landscaping and gardening tips that anybody can utilize to increase the quality of their landscape, while reducing the amount of work that must be put into it.

Watering your landscape is one of the most time consuming things you can do. This is because different parts of the lawn and garden need to be watered at separate times, so you have to come out at multiple intervals in order to do this. You have to move the sprinklers and garden hoses around, take the time to give certain areas more water than others, and keep track of what’s been watered when, which can be a huge pain. To take this task off your hands, you should do what the movie Terminator always advised you against, and that is leave it to the machines. There are many automatic watering devices you can take advantage of that will release water at exactly the right time and in the correct amounts, both increasing efficiency and enabling you to stay completely hands-off of this otherwise time-consuming landscaping task.

The other critical component that plants need is food (air and sunlight you do not need to worry about – the latter your lawn and plants will get as long as they are outside in a decent location, and the former is everywhere). Food for the lawn, plants, trees, flowers and vegetables in your front yard, backyard and garden comes in the form of fertilizer, and you can administer it to your plants in one of two ways. Like watering, you can give your landscaping fertilizer at specific times, or you can just use a time-release fertilizer that slowly releases nutrients when needed. The second option is much easier because you add the fertilizer once and it continues to supply nutrients to your plants over a specified period of time, making your job easier to do.

These are two of the easiest ways to save time on your landscaping tasks, while still keeping the lawn and garden looking healthy and growing strong. Other ways to save some time on landscaping tasks generally involve using certain types of lawn tools and landscape supplies to make lawn maintenance and clean up quicker and easier to do, such as using using leaf sweepers or leaf vacuums for fall cleanup, using lawn detatching rakes to clean up the thatch in your grass quickly and easily so the grass grows stronger, using ride-on lawnmowers to cut the grass rather than push models, and just generally having an arsenal of garden tools at your disposal (as well as a garden tool rack or other garden tool organizer so you always know where they are when you need them!), so that you have what you need to get small jobs done easily. By doing this, your small landscaping tasks won’t turn into big jobs that require a lot more time and effort to tackle.

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