How To Throw A Dinner Party Everyone Will Enjoy

A great way to connect with old friends and have fun is by throwing a dinner party. This is an excellent way to get together and catch up on each others lives. Most people love going to dinner parties. After all, who wouldn’t want free food along with good company? But not many are up to throwing one. This is because most people think that dinner parties require a vast amount of preparation. However there are occasions that just call for a good dinner party. Occasions such as a promotion, a birthday celebration or anniversary. So if you have to throw a dinner party then you might as well make it fun.

Here is how to throw a dinner party that everyone will enjoy.

First, create the guest list. A dinner party with family or friends is easy to prepare for. This is because you already know what they want. You are already familiar with their preferences. If you have to invite people that you don’t know then find out as much as you can about them. Are they allergic to specific types of food? Does their religion prohibit them from eating certain dishes? The worst thing that can happen is for your guest to arrive and find out that he/she can’t eat anything on the table.

Second, send out the invites. With the different mediums of communication available today this is one of the easiest steps to do. Still nothing beats sending out a formal invitation on scented paper. You can specify the dress code on the invite. This way your guests will know whether it is going to be a formal dinner, a casual barbecue or a pool side picnic.

Third, once you know who and how many people are going to come you can start preparing the menu. A nice meal usually consists of appetizer, soup, a side dish, the main dish and desert. You can have a main theme for the food. Whether it is Italian, Mexican or Asian…that will depend on you. Just make sure that your choice will also suit the preferences of your guests. You can keep it casual. You can even tell your guests that they can bring their own dish or a bottle of wine. It’s an excellent way to share your favorite recipe with each other.

Fourth, have a party theme. This is a great way of adding a twist and preventing your party from becoming boring. What usually happens in dinner parties is that the food becomes the highlight. After eating there is usually nothing else to do. A themed party will make things interesting. A personal favorite of mine is a murder mystery party. There is nothing that will get your adrenaline going and your blood pumping than a murder mystery you have to solve.

Fifth, prepare a playlist. Good music can really get the party going. Of course your playlist is going to depend on your theme. If it’s a formal dinner party then perhaps classical music will do. If it’s a pool side barbecue then you can put on upbeat contemporary music.

Throwing a dinner party is not as hard as it seems. As long as you prepare everything before hand you can sit back, relax and enjoy your own party.

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