How to Use Garden Netting for Pests

One of the more burdensome parts of home gardening is dealing with uninvited intruders to your garden. Whether it is an influx of birds eating all of your berries, insects infesting your vegetables, or other pests eating your greens, these intrusions can leave you discouraged and frustrated. A simple method to take care of many of these problems is to use garden netting for protection.

Garden netting is exactly as it sounds, netting for your garden areas. This is specially designed material created to help you protect and grow your garden, giving you the best chance of a successful and fruitful harvest.
garden nettingThere are actually a surprising number of different types of netting, each specializing in a particular need for the home gardener. Shade netting is frequently used to protect plants in warmer climates, and bird netting is designed to keep birds out of your berries. The netting that most people are interested in is garden netting for pests.

The nature of your pests will determine the application of the netting. For ground pests such as insects or small animals, a simple application over the garden plants may oftentimes be sufficient. The netting is designed to rest gently on the plants, and allows the right balance of protection and sunlight throughput.

If you are dealing with a larger problem such as deer, you may want to consider a larger option to keep them at bay. A fence made from garden netting can be a cost effective method to building a full barrier. Simply stake poles or piping in the ground to provide a latch for the netting and you can place a barrier between nature and your garden.

Whatever your problem in the garden, there is likely a solution. Although no one wants to deal with pests in the garden, finding ways to minimize their impact need not be so complicated. Assess your needs and find the solution that works best for you.

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