Humidity Control In The Greenhouse With A Mister

The controlled environment of the greenhouse has proven to be the best way to ensure the strong growth of plants through the early growing stages. The big advantage of growing plants inside a greenhouse is the fact that you can control the conditions in which they grow. This doesn’t only mean controlling the temperature, which is an important factor, but also the humidity.

The humidity inside a greenhouse can be a very important part of ensuring the health of the plants. Some types of types of plants require a very high humidity to survive while others prefer conditions to be on the dry side. The humidity level can be altered through the operation of greenhouse misting systems.

Greenhouse misting systems are set up throughout a greenhouse by installing water hoses around the ceiling. At regular intervals along these water hoses are misting nozzles that allow an extremely fine spray of water to be released into the air. This frequency with which the spray is released can be controlled in either of two ways.

The first way to control how often the misting spray is deployed is with a timer. You might set the timer to allow the misting system to operate in the early morning and late afternoon each day. The other method for controlling when the misting system operates is with a sensor that detects the humidity level in the greenhouse. When the humidity level drops below 70 per cent it might trigger the misting system into operation.

Either of these methods should ensure that the level of humidity is kept at a level that will provide the plants with the optimum conditions for growing. As long as the misting system is properly maintained and kept clear of impediments the greenhouse misting system can be used to control the environment, the temperature and can even be used to feed the plants when required.

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