Hyacinth flower

The hyacinth is a perennial that is well known for its scent and intense colours. They be grown both outdoors where they will flower in the spring or indoors. Although they are perennials the do tend to produce smaller flowers as the years go by so many gardeners choose to plant new bulbs every year.

Hyacinths should be planted in an area that gets lots of sunlight and is well drained. They should be planted in the fall before the first frost. Before planting you will want to till the soil to a depth of at least a foot and mix in a couple of inches of compost. Hyacinths should be planted deep, at least eight inches and there should be about six inches between the bulbs. After planting you will want to make sure they get plenty of water.

Hyacinths are perennials that should come back year after year but it may take some care to ensure that this happens. During the fall you will need to water them and if you live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of snow you will need to do this in the winter as well. You will want to prune the flowers after they have finished blossoming but it is a good idea to allow the leaves to die naturally. It is also a good idea to add compost once year in order to make sure that there are plenty of nutrients in the soil, this will help to make sure that your hyacinths come back every year.

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