HydroFarm Seedling Heat Mat

If you’ve ever experienced your garden seedlings shriveling up after a cold winter’s night, you are not alone. Even people with green thumbs can have great difficulty getting plants through their first stages in life as seedlings. Even mild cold can have adverse affects on seeds, causing them to grow slowly or even die. A company called Hydrofarm has come up with a genius solution – the seedling heat mat. This special electric mat gets placed under your seed plots, heating them to just the right temperature. The mat provides even heat under the plot which penetrates the soil, keeping the seeds 10 to 20 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature.

The seedling warmer mat can be used on all sorts of plants, ranging from veggies and herbs to flowers. Using this mat can dramatically increase the chance of growing a seed through adulthood. This 20 inch square mat can accommodate one seed plot. Although powered by electricity, the mat is completely waterproof, so don’t worry about spilling water on it. The mat will not fray or rip when used appropriately. Instructions are included to get you off on the right start and show you how to use it. To turn on, simply plug it into the wall after it has been placed under the plot. A generous 6 foot long power cable is attached to the mat.

Just like the warmth in a greenhouse, the Hydrofarm mat delivers the heat necessary to keep seedlings from suffering cold damage. At these beginning stages, seeds are particularly susceptible to the cold. The Hydrofarm system keeps the root areas warm at all times. Unlike some mats, this one provides even heat, not just isolated at the center. Since keeping many seed plots indoors isn’t ideal, the Hydrofarm mat allows you to safely grow seeds in outdoor environments.

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