I Recommend Copper Fire Pits Over Gas Patio Heaters

One of the reasons why I prefer copper fire pits over gas patio heaters is that they are by far more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Although some gas patio heaters do look nice, they are not on the level that copper fire pits are on. Copper fire pits have the capability to bring something to your backyard that that is not possible with a gas or electric product. You could imagine that the ancient Romans may have even used a copper fire pit not unlike what you are using. On top of this, copper fire pits can be very complementary to almost anything else that you could have on your patio. They are not like a huge expensive stainless steel barbecue which steals attention from everything else.

Good luck cooking food on your gas patio heater though I recommend against it; gas patio heaters were simply designed to heat and not to cook; this is a major disadvantage in comparison to copper fire pits. Copper fire pits are not only great for heating a large area but they are also very good at cooking meal; they are even better than a typical barbecue when it comes to adding flavour to what you cook. Wood is much more similar to coal for cooking; and coal is far superior to gas and propane. Wood and coal simply have the ability to give a better texture and taste to the meal being cooked.

Having the ability to move a heating unit around can be a massive advantage; even if you do not end up purchasing a copper fire pit I still highly recommend that you purchase some sort of unit that can be moved from place to place. A gas patio heater does not rank very high when it comes to portability; it has very limited movement as it must be attached to a pre-existing gas line.

Always do a careful analysis before making a decision to see what is ideal for you; keep copper fire pits in mind but feel free to purchase something else if it suits your needs better.

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