Ideas For Built In BBQ Grills

Having built in bbq grills can be a great way to enjoy staying home during the summer. No need to go on vacation if your favorite vacation spot is right beyond your back door and includes a place that you can just relax in the back yard while grilling up some hamburgers or hot dogs. A back yard grill can be the center of the entertainment on its own when having guests or family come over. Not everyone has a bbq that is built into the back yard, so it is usually a sight to see when one gets to experience a built in bbq up close.

There are many options in design when it comes to a built in grill, and what the built in bbq looks like and the functionality it includes is basically all up to you. While some built in bbq grills can include just a simple bar on one side with a grill attached, others can be a more expansive built in area with the grill situated in the center, allowing for extra space on either side of the grill to accommodate the food you are grilling, as well as the food preparation.

The bar design is probably the simplest of built in bbq grill designs, since it simply includes a grill that is housed alongside a bar like area or countertop. But, this design is often sufficient for many homeowners and offers a good look as well as adequate food are prep space surrounding the grill. Some types of bar design include a stationary bar with a slot to roll a grill into that can be more portable. The space is usually for smaller models of grills, but you can also build the same type of design to house larger bbq grills.

To start getting an idea for your own stationary bbq work station, it’s a good idea to sketch out what you would like it to look like and figure out the overall size you desire for the grill area. The size you decide on will be the primary determining factor in built in bbq grill prices. As you would expect, the larger the grill area, the more expensive it will typically be to build. Another factor to consider that will be a big factor in your built in grill design, as well as the price, is the material that you would like the area surrounding the grill to be made from. You can use brick, stone, travertine tiles, or other natural materials, and what you choose will make a big difference in the look of your built in grill area. It will also affect the price of the built in bbq space.

When determining how large a built in bbq grill you can build, your backyard or the location in which you want to build the grill area will need to be considered. The space will need to be large enough to fit the grill while also allowing enough room for people to comfortably move around. You also want to make the built in grill a focal point of your outdoor space when deciding where to situate it, since it will be an attractive addition to your backyard or outdoor kitchen, rather than simply just a functional tool with which to cook food.

There are many more styles and options you can consider when it comes to building a built in bbq grill other than what has been described in this article, but the best thing to do before you get started is to look at samples and photos of other grills you like and then work within the parameters of your own yard, space and budget to get just the style and look of built in grill that you want. Then, once it is built, you can sit back and enjoy your own backyard as if it was your favorite vacation destination.

The advantages of propane grills

Outdoor cooking is one of the most popular aspects of summertime activities. While it can be fun to “get back to nature” and build a campfire, there are really many more effective ways to cook outside the kitchen. Generally, the most efficient and convenient method of outdoor cooking is to use a propane grill. While charcoal grilling can add a distinctive flavoring to food, it is still messy and requires cleaning up the refuse of the charcoal burn. For that reason, we highly advise most would-be grillers to seriously consider choosing a propane grill.

In its basic design and function, a propane grill works very much the same as a gas stove in the home. They both use a gas fuel source. Unlike natural gas, the propane can be pressurized and stored in easy to move containers. One small cylinder can provide the fuel for even the largest propane grill. There is no ash residue from burning propane although the carbon dioxide produced makes ventilation necessary for safe cooking. That is why a propane grill should not be used inside the house and should be reserved for an outdoor kitchen or cooking area. Electric grills are also clean and do not produce dangerous gasses, but do require a plug-in to the electrical grid so you can’t take them camping like you can a propane grill.

The fuel supply to a propane grill can be modulated and controlled. In this way, you can easily maintain a consistent temperature on the foods you are cooking. This advanced advantage is a major plus for propane. A wood fire is constantly fluctuating and even charcoal passes quickly through the perfect cooking temperature as it burns down.
Propane grills can be modified so that you can have various cooking surfaces with different heat levels for different types of cooking. Some propane grills have built-in burners on the side, which can be regulated separately from the central cooking chamber.

True, you can get a “smoky flavor” with charcoal that you may miss using propane. However, the advantages of a clean, convenient cooking grill can more than make up for such fine details.

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