Inground Polls – Pros and Cons

If you’ve been considering installing a pool in your backyard, then chances are you’ve been debating between the benefits of inground pools as compared to above ground swimming pools. Installing an inground pool is a major undertaking and although there are many benefits to inground swimming pools, they are not necessarily the best choice for everyone.

So, how do you decide if inground pools are right for you? There are a few major factors to consider before taking the plunge and deciding to install a pool. Here are some of the most major factors to consider:

Cost – Probably the biggest consideration is the cost of inground swimming pools. Installing the pool is no small job, and doesn’t come with a small price tag. Of course, the price can vary dramatically depending on the size of the pool you choose, the work that has to be done to the existing space in order to install the pool, the style, design, materials and other options. But even the least expensive inground pool comes with a pretty hefty price tag, so it is best to get an idea of what inground pool prices are before you get your heart set on a pool.
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Space – Inground pools require quite a bit of space. Even small inground pools need enough room for not only the size of the pool, but specified clearances around the pool. Many pools have a deck or patio space around them. Pools also need a fence or other protective element around them so it is important to make sure you have the space for that as well and that you comply with any local ordinances or regulations.

Maintenance – An inground swimming pool requires a lot of maintenance. That maintenance requires a good deal of time to complete. It also costs a lot of money, above and beyond the cost of inground pool installation itself. Maintenance items such as vacuums, cleaning devices, and chemicals are needed. If you live in an area where the pool does not remain open all year round, the pool must be opened and closed at the beginning and end of each swimming season. This process takes some work, or a professional pool company can handle the task for you.

Design – Although inground pools can be an attractive addition to a backyard space, it is best to consider a variety of inground swimming pool designs to see how they will best fit into your outdoor décor. By considering different inground pool designs, you will be able to select a pool that works best with your space while remaining within your budget.

Use – Considering the cost of inground pool installation and maintenance, as well as the space that the pool takes up, the amount of use that the pool will get should factor in as a consideration when deciding if an inground pool is right for you. If the climate allows you to use your pool year-round, rather than for just a few months a year, you will get more enjoyment from the pool and probably also a better return on investment (ROI) when it is time to sell your home.

Installing inground pools is a major decision and one that should be considered in light of a number of variables. There are numerous benefits to installing an inground pool, but if an inground pool is not in your future, due to cost or space considerations, or other factors, then you can still reap the benefits of having your own pool by considering other options, such as semi inground pools or above ground swimming pools.

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