Installing and Maintaining Cedar Fences for Privacy

Family privacy is important more than ever these days. When you get home on the weekend or in the evenings, you want to be able to relax in your own home without the snooping and roving eyes of your neighbors upon you. There is no better option for backyard privacy than to install a cedar fence. Cedar fencing offers you the perfect style and wood quality to provide years of carefree backyard enjoyment. What makes cedar so special? Let’s find out more about this wood and why it is one of the preferred types of wooden fencing currently used by homeowners today.

Cedar wood is a naturally rot and insect resistant wood. It is also a classified hardwood, meaning that it can be used extensively for building and installing projects outdoors. It’s not quite as durable as Douglas fir, however, for construction of a deck or patio, the building of outdoor furniture or a privacy fence installation, cedar is a great choice. Because it already is resistant to many types of weather conditions, it doesn’t need much maintenance or care.

At most, you may consider painting or sealing your cedar fencing. If you don’t use a sealant, the only noticeable difference in the lifespan of the fence will be its coloration. Over time, an unsealed fence will have a tendency to turn gray and chalky in appearance. Structurally speaking, the fence will still be in excellent shape. However, if appearance really matters to you because you are using the fence in a decorating scheme to match your home’s siding, furniture, or other garden decor, then you will want to consider applying a paint or sealer to the cedar fencing.

In general, fencing is an often overlooked part of a homeowner’s exterior design plan. Privacy is more important than ever for you, and especially your children. Because wood fencing often is built with a slat type design, these types of fences prevent anyone from seeing what is going on in your yard. Chain link fencing is not like this , and neither is wrought iron fencing. Wood fencing has a distinct advantage in this area.

So, if you are in the position of considering whether or not you will be installing a fence around your home, look beyond just the ordinary and consider cedar fencing as an option. It may cost a slight bit more upfront, but the years of privacy it will provide you with, as well as the solid, long lasting construction it offers, will be worth it.

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