Installing Plastic Bird Spikes

So, you’ve created a beautiful backyard oasis, only to have it overrun with birds that like the space just as much as you do. If you are looking for an easy way to get rid of those pesky birds that is also humane and doesn’t involve chemicals or any other harsh alternatives, then installing plastic bird spikes may be just what you need. Plastic bird spikes can keep away all types of birds and pigeons, whether you need to keep them away from your deck, flower beds, roof and gutters, apartment balcony, or more. Below are some answers to the most asked questions about

What exactly are plastic bird spikes?

Plastic bird spikes are a set of spikes, usually made from polycarbonate plastic, that are attached to a strip that is easily mounted anywhere that you need to keep birds away. The main purpose of the plastic bird spikes is to create an uninviting atmosphere so that the birds do not have a place to land and therefore to nest or roost. The bird spikes are not intended to kill a bird that comes in contact with them, but are merely a deterrent, since it would be very uncomfortable for a bird to land on a set of these spikes, in the same way that you would not want to walk on a bed of nails.

What are the benefits of plastic bird spikes?

When you install plastic bird spikes, you prevent birds from nesting or roosting in locations that you do not want them to be. This avoids annoying birds from making their home in your backyard, along your roof, or from visiting your apartment balcony. Since the spikes keep the birds at bay, there is also no bird excrement to have to deal with, which not only keeps the area cleaner, but safer since there is less likelihood of transmitted diseases. Aside from the mess that the birds can make, plastic bird spikes prevent damage to your home that can occur when birds nest in your gutters, along the eaves of your roof, or anywhere else in the exterior of your home.

How do you install plastic bird spikes?

Installing a plastic bird spike strip or set of strips is easy as can be. All you need to do is use the bird spikes adhesive that sometimes comes with the spikes themselves, or you can purchase it separately. The adhesive is like liquid nails and easily and securely adheres the plastic bird spikes to any surface. If you prefer, you can nail in the strips of bird spikes instead of gluing them on. You can even tie the spikes, if you don’t want to adhere them permanently. No matter which way you choose to install plastic bird spikes, the job is quick and easy to do.

How do bird spikes made from plastic compare to other materials?

There are a number of benefits to bird spikes made from plastic, as opposed to metal or other materials. For one, the plastic bird spikes are clear, so they do not detract from your homes décor and are not very noticeable when they are up. Plastic bird spikes are also flexible, so they can be bent to adhere to curved surfaces easily. The plastic spikes are also durable and long lasting – they will last for years and years with no damage or deterioration. Metal bird spikes, on the other hand, are noticeable and can rust or corrode over time. They are also more expensive to purchase.

Where can I use plastic bird spikes?

You can use plastic bird spikes just about anywhere that you need to keep pesky birds away. Long used for commercial purposes, the clear plastic bird spikes can be used anywhere around a residential property as well, since they are not very noticeable. You can install the plastic bird spikes along roofs, eaves, gutters, windowsills, chimneys, awnings, cornices, ledges, air conditioners, balconies, trusses, statues, trees, gazebos, and more. Anywhere that you have a bird problem, you can install plastic bird spikes to keep them away.

Where can I buy plastic bird spikes?

You can find plastic bird spikes for sale online from places like Amazon or direct from companies that sell the plastic spikes for bird control, such as Bird-X, Nixalite, and Bird-B-Gone. Plastic bird spike prices are relatively reasonable, no matter what brand you choose, in comparison to the mess and headaches you can live without once they’re installed.

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