Iris flower

The iris is a popular addition to any garden. They require little care (which makes them great gifts!) are simple to plant and they multiply easily. They come in a wide range of colours and quite fragrant. They are popular as cut flowers for use in bouquets and the plant looks good even when it is not in bloom.

The iris should be planted in an area that gets lots of sunlight and has soil that is well drained. They should be planted in mid to late summer. Before planting you will want to till the soil and mix in some compost to ensure that there are plenty of nutrients. The plants should be placed in shallow holes a couple of feet apart. You will want to build a ridge in the middle of the hole and place the plant on the ridge and allow the root to fall down on both sides. It is important to thoroughly water the plant right after it is planted.

In order to keep your irises coming back each year it is important that you take proper care of them. Every spring you should put a layer of compost around the base of the plant. Flowers should be pruned as should the flower stalks. It is also a good idea to prune the healthy leaves during that fall. In winter it is a good idea to add a layer of mulch so that the freezing and thawing doesn’t cause them to heave out of the soil. With proper care you should be able to enjoy your irises for years to come.

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