Is a Ride on Lawn Mower Right for You?

Buying a ride on lawn mower is a big decision, requiring careful consideration. Although some people just buy these machines on impulse when they are shopping, it is smart to look into your options before handing over your hard-earned money.

Here are a few considerations you must look into before making a decision.

Do you really need a ride on mower, or will a push mower be adequate for your needs? If the area you are mowing is less than half an acre or so, you can probably mow it with a push mower. If pushing a mower around is too tiring, another option is to get a self-propelled mower, which you walk behind but don’t have to push. These types of mowers cost way, way less than ride on mowers, and work very well They can even bag your lawn clippings as well.

Is your yard full of things like trees, shrubs, rocks, and other landscaping features? Ride on lawn mowers definitely work best on large areas with few obstacles. If your yard has a lot of things to maneuver around, and is less than an acre, you might want to consider just doing it with a push mower. If you don’t want to push a mower around, consider locating most of your landscape and other items together in an island. You can then make a little patio with a table, umbrella, maybe even a retro plastic chair in there for style. This way you can easily mow around the island without having to maneuver around each item individually. Even the best garden tractors won’t be able to cut right up close to everything, so you will need to use either a push mower or a weed-eater anyway. If your yard isn’t too big, it might even be quicker to just use a self-propelled lawn mower and get everything at once. It often helps to arrange have a good garden plan arrange your garden decor in a way that makes it easy to trim the grass.

Ride on lawn mower prices are not cheap. Expect to pay at least $1,000 for a basic model and tractors with more features and bigger engines can be double or triple that amount. Despite the price, it usually makes sense to purchase a ride on lawn mower. Paying someone to come over and mow you lawn will cost a lot more over time than buying your own lawn tractor. If you can’t afford the price of a new one, consider getting a used ride on lawn mower.

Think about whether you want your lawn clippings left on the grass, or if you want to remove it from the lawn. Most ride on lawn mower accessories cost extra, and a bagger attachment will cost $200 or more, depending on your lawnmower and the size of the bag. Once the bag fills up, you will have to drive it over to your lawn clippings pile, remove it, and dump it.

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