Is it Possible to Find a Good Quality Mattress on Sale?

A good quality mattress in kids roomIf you have been to a store selling mattresses, you were certainly surprised to see some of the high prices. Going by some of the reviews on the web, one realizes that some of the dealers of this product are selling at prices for which one could buy a car!

The minimum that you can expect to pay for a simple mattress will be around a thousand dollars. This has prompted certain stores to offer their mattresses at a discounted price in order to motivate people to visit their stores for buying their goods.

One should be cautious of buying a bed at discounted prices and make sure to buy a reputed brand from a familiar or a reputed store.

Some of the dealers of mattress sales are known to be aggressive and apply all the pressure techniques to sell the product. This is generally because they are themselves under pressure to achieve particularly targeted sales within a given time to avail of additional benefits from the sales personnel of the manufacturer. It’s therefore not difficult to see that bed sales offer them a good opportunity to qualify for targeted sales, but it’s very difficult to make out if the discount being offered is really genuine. There again, it’s the reputation of the store on which one can rely upon.

Why to be careful?

The phenomenon of buying these products is different than buying another consumable product. For instance, you may walk into a store selling electronic goods, shoes, clothes or even cars without any intentions of buying anything. This may be just to be aware of what is the latest in technology and at what price. But, can you ever walk into a store selling beds without any intentions of buying one? The answer is an obvious “NO”, as the product has rather dull and unappealing looks to attract your attention for even window-shopping!

So, it’s understandable that most of the people would visit a mattress store only when they are seriously considering having one. Now, the dealer is aware of this mentality of common folks and banks upon that. The sales person is fully aware that anybody entering a bed store is a serious buyer and he spares no effort to sell his product to you. Depending upon your response he adjusts his prices and is willing to offer varying discounts on different models, leaving you with little choice but to buy one that may not necessarily be your first choice.

It’s not uncommon for the not so reputed dealers to jack up the prices and then offer discounts on the already enhanced prices.

They have more than enough room for a bargain, but act as though you are being given a special consideration in the form of substantial discounts. You should act like a smart customer and escape buying a mattress that’s not worth the price being sold at. It’s not difficult to guess the line of thinking of a sales person who is out to make a kill at the cost of an ill-informed customer.

New mattress from a sale

You may have realized it that the stores advertise a particular model of a product at a very discounted price, but when you land up at the stores, you are informed that the particular model you came looking for, is all sold out. So, what’s the option? It’s very simple to guess that. You are offered other models, at a higher price, though. The sales person at the stores just wanted to have a prospective customer walking into the store for selling items those were not discounted. The stores advertise discounted sales of particularly specified products as a bait and you should be able to sense it on being informed that the product advertised is already out of stock.

Now that you are aware of some of the tricks of the trade, you should be smarter to see thru the game and refrain from buying a mattress of doubtful quality from a store of similar quality.

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