Jasmine flower

The jasmine isn’t really known for it’s beauty, in fact it is kind of an ugly shrub that grows to heights of up to twelve feet. Nevertheless it is popular with gardeners for one reason and that is its smell. The jasmine is one of the most fragrant flowers there is and since it blooms several times a year you can enjoy the smell many times.

The jasmine is a tropical plant and it needs a warm year round climate to thrive. It does well in loose soil and grows best in areas which are partially shaded. The leaves tend to wilt if they get too much sunlight. Jasmine is fairly simple to plant and it does not need much care once it has been established. It should continue blooming for years without any difficulty, as long as you provide it with some very basic maintenance.

Although the aroma of the jasmine is a major attraction as is the ease of caring for it there are a couple of drawbacks. The biggest negative is that it is poisonous, this could be a big problem if you have children or pets who may eat the plant. The other problem is that it takes up a lot of space, which means that a big chunk of your garden will be committed to a plant that although it smells nice is not particularly attractive. Whether it is worthwhile to grow jasmine for its sweet aroma is a decision that you will have to make.

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