Jenn Air Refrigerator Options for Home and Bar

A Jenn Air refrigerator makes a fine addition to any home. With a wide selection of different Jenn Air refrigerators to choose from purchases should encounter no difficulties finding a model right for them.

When purchasing a Jenn Air appliance, you have your choice of French Door, American style side-by-side and bottom-mount freezer refrigerators to choose from. These different types are available as either integrated, stand-alone and undercounter refrigerators for quite a large variety.

Jenn Air integrated refrigerators are very popular with high end kitchen owners. These devices come with a custom paneling on the front that is designed to match an individual kitchens cabinetry finish.

Stand-alone refrigerators are the traditional type of fridge freezer many firms manufacture. One unique quality of the models that Jenn Air sells is that they are all counter depth fridges. This means that the front of the devices do not protrude past the kitchen cabinetry, which results in a kitchen with smooth lines – walkways are unobstructed – that is visually appealing to both your family and guests.

The Jenn Air under counter fridge line is a series of refrigerator drawers that are installed beneath a kitchen counter-top – similar to a dishwasher installation. These Jenn Air appliances are very popular with homeowners seeking an elegant second refrigerator for their kitchen.

The firm offers many finishes for their refrigerator freezers. Apart from the normal white, black and stainless steel they also have an oiled bronze – plus the high end custom paneling for the integrated units.

Finally, Jenn Air produces some specialty fridges. They have a range of bar fridges, wine fridges and ice makers suitable for any homes mini bar.

Whatever your refrigeration needs – from an integrated French Door fridge freezer all the way down to a small mini-bar fridge – a fine Jenn air refrigerator is available that will meet them.

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