King, Queen, Twin or Double Bedding Ensembles – Measure Before You Buy.

twin bedding ensemblesThere are a few measurements you should take before you go off to the bedding superstore to look at bedding ensembles or decide to order online.

Be sure to measure your bed especially the width and length of the mattress unless you have a standard size single (twin), double, queen or king bed.

Even if you do think you have a standard size, it does no harm to check!

The standard sizes are as follows

  • Twin 39″ x 75″
  • Double 54″ x 75″
  • Queen 60″ x 80″
  • King 78″ x 80″
  • California King 72″ x 84″

In any case whether you have a standard sized bed or not, you need to measure your bed when choosing a bedding ensemble with fitted sheets. Measure the depth of the mattress from the top edge to the base and include any additional bedding which will be included under your sheets such as mattress topper, electric blanket, mattress cover etc.

This measurement needs to match the pocket depth of the sheet as closely as possible to ensure correct fitting of the elasticated anchor bands at the corners. If the sheets don’t fit your mattress properly they will rumple and give you a disturbed night’s rest.

It’s better to use a flat sheet with enough extra width and depth to be properly tucked in under the mattress than a fitted sheet where you struggle to fit it over the corners at bed making time or which is too big and won’t stay in place on the mattress.

* While ensembles with a comforter included will come in standard sizes, for a bedding set with a duvet cover, measure the length and width of the duvet itself rather than the size of the bed as duvet covers are made to fit particular sizes of duvet.

* For a bed skirt measure around the base and the height of the bed from the bottom of the mattress (top of the base) to the floor.

* Some sheets have an attached bed skirt and then you need both measurements – the depth of the mattress and the distance from the mattress base to the floor.

Measure Before You Buy

With all these variables you’d think it would be difficult to finding bedding ensembles to suit your bed but most bedding sets are in standard sizes so if you have a fairly typical bed you should have plenty of ensembles to choose from – both budget and luxury. It’s just a case of checking that you have measurements which conform so that you can look at the right size.

custom bedding ensembles

In some ways, it makes sense to always choose a standard bed so that you have that choice – an easy accessible range of bedding ensembles in the stores and online.

On the other hand if you have your heart set on (or already have) an unusual bed it can itself form the center of your bedroom design and you could settle for plainer bed linen allowing the bed to speak for itself.

If you have an idea in mind however, custom bedding ensembles are available for those who want something unique and/or have a non-standard size bed. These can turn an ordinary bedroom into something truly beautiful and which matches your taste and your idea of a dream bedroom perfectly.

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