Kitchen Curtains and Valances

Installing cheerful kitchen curtains and valances can change your room into a bright and comfortable place to sit and relax after breakfast. Curtains add something to a room, and they are cheaper than many other parts of remodeling a room to get a cleaner look. Curtains enhance the theme of your kitchen, and they are usually high atop the to-do list when your kitchen hasn’t been remodeled for awhile. Curtains are practical too, of course, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

You’ll want to plan ahead before you select the curtains you’ll be hanging in your kitchen. Make sure that any color changes such as painting or tiling have already been done, because those would cost too much to re-do, whereas curtains are relatively inexpensive. Kitchen curtains should be flexible too, so that you can pull them back to let in the morning light, especially if the weather is cold. In the summer, you’ll want your curtains closed during the heat of the day, for the opposite reason.

Check and measure each of your kitchen windows, and consider where they are placed with regards to the sun. If you live on a busy street, you may want drapes with sheers inside, so that you can let light in without losing your sense of privacy.

There are various kinds of kitchen curtains for you to choose from. The panel curtain is probably the most common drapery used in kitchens. You can slide them to one side or the other, since they fit your curtain rods with pockets. Kitchen curtains and valances can also be held to the side with tiebacks.

Kitchens that are in need of additional light can be dressed up with curtains that only cover one half of the window. This allows more light in, but still affords a sense of privacy. These curtains are not usually able to be pulled back like panels, since they are so short.

There are other accessories that show off your curtains to their best effect. These include tassels, tiebacks, finials and specialty rods. The prints and colors of the fabric you use, in addition to whatever accessories you add, should look well together, and also complement the overall theme of your kitchen. You can add or subtract from patterns in the kitchen by choosing the correct color of drapes. If you have a heavily patterned wallpaper, you might want to go with solid colors for the curtains. If your walls are plain, you can add style by selecting curtains with prints.

Another important aspect of kitchen curtains is how practical they are in your room. If they get stained or wrinkled, they’ll need to be cleaned more often, so select drapes that can hide stains, and that are stain and wrinkle-resistant. This will help your room to look clean and bright. You won’t want to be washing curtains all the time, and then re-hanging them. It’s quite a chore. Fire resistance is especially important, too. Select kitchen curtains and valances that are most resistant to fire, for safety and style.

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