Kitchen Window Curtains

Your kitchen is a place of intimacy for your family, and your kitchen window curtains should reflect the homey lightheartedness of the family times to be had there. Meals are prepared in the kitchen, and some meals are eaten there, too. So, the kitchen should look clean and bright, and you probably invested some serious money if you’ve added any cabinets or appliances lately.

Kitchen tiles make a room stand out, and specialty sinks and top-of-the-line appliances also look great. But perhaps the most inexpensive kitchen accouterments are the draperies that grace the windows. Your kitchen drapes should accent your room, while not detracting from the other expensive remodeling feats you might have accomplished.

Kitchens with large windows are bright and airy, and homeowners usually hang curtains that will let in the morning and evening light. Your kitchen curtains are an essential part of a well-planned room, and an integral component in your total kitchen look. Curtains should coordinate well with your counters, floors and cabinets.

You can choose kitchen curtains that are the same basic color as your tile or countertop, but you might want to go with a slight variation that provides contrast, instead. If you have “busy” wallpaper or travertine backsplashes with a lot of colors in them, you should find kitchen window curtains that are more plain, to offset the countertops and tiles. If you have more solid colors in your walls and flooring, patterned curtains provide a nice touch of style and contrast.

Besides the way your kitchen curtains look, you’ll also want to check out their texture and fabric before you buy. The materials used are important to note when you determine how well the drapes will look in your room. Think about what colors will work the best for you, and what patterns might be able to gather in more colors that compliment those already in the room. Brighter colors speak of warmth and vibrancy, while more neutral colors tend to tone down the overall look of your kitchen. If you have light cabinets, perhaps darker drapes, as long as they open when you want sunlight, will set them off nicely.

If you are looking for inexpensive alternatives, tier curtains are usually relatively cheap. They may come in layers, whether those are pleated, flat or puffy. You can find inexpensive tier curtains at discount and department stores, and perhaps at some home improvement stores as well. They look especially good on longer windows. Many tier type curtains go to the floor, but shorter curtains may work better in a kitchen.

Selecting the proper curtains for your kitchen’s decor can make your room a more pleasant place to linger after a leisurely breakfast. Don’t stop your design ideas after you do the tiling, cabinets and countertops. Let your curtains play a role in stylizing your room, too. Dressing windows with bright curtains will enhance the ambiance of the room and add a certain charm. Take time to select the kitchen window curtains that show off your room to its best advantage.

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