Kitchen Window Treatments

Care should be taken when selecting kitchen window treatments, so that they will accent the decor you already have in the room. There are helpful tips you can use, to change or enhance the look of your kitchen.

You can find shades and drapes for kitchen windows made with many different materials. The more modern of treatments show off shades made from lighter fabrics, that allow a moderate amount of light to come through. Generally, heavier shades are not used in kitchens, since natural light is such a plus for the room. You’ll want to use drapes or shades that create a kitchen space that’s airy, light and inviting. Kitchens should be very comfortable spaces, where you can relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy the morning sunlight. That’s why there is an emphasis on materials and fabrics that are light-weight.

When you shop for kitchen drapes or shades, be sure to measure your windows before you head out to purchase any window coverings. Write down the exact measurements and take this with you when you shop.

You will also want to keep in mind the kitchen theme or design that you have, so that you can select kitchen window treatments that will complement the room. Alternately, you can use drapes or shades as part of a new style, if you are doing a kitchen remodel.

If you have a window close to your sink, choose a fabric for your windows that is not prone to dust or stains. Rather, pick from light materials that are more easily kept clean, such as synthetic fabrics.

If a window in your kitchen allows a moderate amount of sunlight in, select fabrics for this window that are very light in weight and color, to allow the most light into your room. Blinds may be a good choice for windows that are quite sunny.

If your kitchen is contemporary in style, you can select from a wide variety of shades and blinds materials. If your kitchen decor has a more specific theme, select a design, color and material in your shades or blinds that will accent the theme, and still allow plenty of light into the room.

Rather than using a heavier valance in your kitchen, you might want to choose a flap valance, which will enable you to control how much light comes into the room. Then the fabric can be tucked into upholstered cornices. This plan works especially well for bay windows in your kitchen.

Pleated shades will allow a positive amount of light into your kitchen, while providing privacy at the same time. Shades in colors of sky blue or white work well for pleated shades, as long as those colors accent your existing or desired theme.

Rather than choosing a window fabric that might become dirty or stained, you can select roller shades for your kitchen. They are quite easy to use, and you can roll them up to let light in, and roll them partially down to shut out all but a moderate amount of sunlight. These are often made from synthetic materials, so you will find many colors and designs to choose from, when selecting your kitchen window treatments.

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