Lace Kitchen Curtains

If you have a contemporary kitchen that is all shiny surfaces and gleaming stainless steel appliances then you probably want to give lace kitchen curtains a miss. The fact is that they can look lovely but only in the right kitchen.
If you have a more homely welcoming feel to your kitchen then lace may very well be just what you need at your kitchen window. It has only been in recent years that kitchen curtains have started to appear in lace. Years ago all lace was handmade and much too expensive to use for a kitchen curtain fabric but these days you can buy machine made lace curtains for the kitchen in cotton and polyester which are every bit as fine to look at as the lace of old.

Most lace curtains are white. It is rare to see them in other colors so they are not great at adding much color to your kitchen. On the other hand if you have white cabinets, counter tops, tiles or flooring then you may like to add white kitchen curtains to tie the look together and lace is a great inexpensive way to do this.

When you look around you’ll see that there are different styles of lace kitchen curtain to suit different types of windows and situation. There are full length white lace kitchen curtains that you might hang against patio or French doors to give privacy and there are normal sill length curtains which you would usually use above the kitchen sink.

Other than that you can buy lace cafe curtains which cover the lower half of the window. Sometimes these curtains are known as kitchen tiers curtains especially when a matching valance is hung at the top of the window. A tier kitchen curtain has the advantage of letting in light through the top half of the window while giving privacy to the lower half.

Whatever type of lace curtains you buy for your kitchen you need to remember that they need to stay white to look good. That can be tricky with kitchen curtains because of the amount of grease floating around in the air but if you buy easy-care fabrics you can easily pop them in the washing machine regularly and that will be enough to keep them looking good.

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