Lantern Led Solar Lights – Paper, String, Pendant and other Options

Lantern solar light and humming bird feederLet’s say that you’ve settled on garden lighting – you’re going to go for it. It’s not enough to enjoy your garden solely during the day – you want to be able to see it at night and enjoy the special qualities of an illuminated garden. All well and good. But maybe you’re a little hesitant to use electricity. Could be you think that even a harmless twelve volts is more power than you want chugging around the soil.

Or maybe you believe that we have a special obligation to the planet to utilize alternative sources of power – especially when it comes to non-essential uses, such as lighting up a garden. Maybe you already know a bit about the power of the sun because you’re utilizing 4 tier mini greenhouses to jump start your garden, and you just want to expand your solar garden reach. If that’s the case, have no fear. The solar powered light garden is here and ready to go!

Why Solar Lantern Lights?

String led solar lights for outdoor decorationsObviously, best led solar powered lights for the garden work on the same principles as any other means of harnessing energy from the sun. Basically, you’ve got solar panels that collect light energy radiating from the sun and convert it into electrical energy that is then stored in batteries and available for use. You’ve seen the large solar panels on houses and businesses. It’s the same thing for your solar garden lighting, just on a smaller scale.

In a nutshell, a solar garden light collects energy all day from the sun and then expends it at night, casting a soft expressive glow over your rose bushes and crawling ivy. And that’s light you can feel good about!

You don’t have to worry that by choosing solar light options for your garden that you’re going to deprive yourself of choices. So called green garden lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years and the market has expanded accordingly.

Pendant, String or Paper?

You’ll easily find ground stake lighting – small lights close to the earth ideal for illuminating a path or low lying plant beds. There are hanging solar lights – tasteful pedestals from which lantern like lights hang, throwing beams of light across the garden. There are solar garden spotlights to focus on a garden highlight like a single birch tree, say. And there are even quirky colorful lights that have more in common with art than simple lighting!

Hanging pendant lantern solar light

Solar gardens are in many ways lower maintenance than traditionally illuminated gardens. You don’t have to install wiring, and you don’t have to worry about throwing switches or keeping an eyes on things. In fact, the lights resemble the plants a little bit – you just put them out there and with minimal attention they’ll take care of the rest!

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