Large Retro Wall Clocks as a Kitchen Decoration

Are you in love with the “retro look”? Decorating with retro wall clocks adds a punch to the décor of any room. And do not think that you need to be an old fogey to enjoy vintage adornment. The retro look is a colorful and effective style for people of all ages. Every room should have a wall clock, and to incorporate a clock that screams the 50’s or 60’s in your makeover is a whimsical and trendy way to start. You can go back to the 40’s and still not have that stuffy yet classic antique feel in your room. Yes, the 70’s and 80’s are retro now…ahem, maybe even the 90’s.

Whether kitschy or classic, your new/old clock can be an eye catcher, or a subtle addition to any room. Where to start the renovation? Why not the kitchen? Who would not smile at the darling black cat clock with its wagging pendulum tail? Did you know that these clocks are available in a select number of dog breeds too?

There are variations of other retro clocks to be hung on the wall. Perhaps old country or old diner is your theme. Add a chicken, tractors, farm scenes, or burger and fries clock. Do not forget about the handy counter clocks also. The neon colors of the 70’s and the orange and olive green of the atomic age come to mind. Advertising clocks are appropriate for kitchens with familiar name brands of foods or kitchen appliances on the clock face.

Move on to the living room, the bath, the den, the game room, or the bedrooms. You will love a starburst wall clock, or the lighted mosaic looks if you have lava lamps on a shelf. Groovy, man! Put a pyramid clock beside that lamp! There are retro phone clocks and fake tube radio clocks for your shelves or desk area.

You can have the pop icon of your choice on your wall or desk. Doesn’t everyone need a shaking Elvis clock somewhere in his or her home? Are you into robots, cartoon characters, Hollywood babes, funky shapes, alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage advertising, or any advertising (note that these can be coordinated with matching light switch covers, thermometers, coasters, or even wall paper.). Moreover, this is not the end. No. Let your imagination free and someone will make you a clock for that special retro look area of your castle. Now, get out there and start decorating with retro clocks.

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