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When it comes to mowing their lawns, most people choose to do it themselves with a ride on lawn mower. When it comes to other tasks however, they pay someone else to do them. When choosing a ride on lawn mower, it is smart to think about all the other things you might need to do around your yard. These days, a ride on lawn mower tractor can accomplish many chores in addition to just cutting the grass. You will need to choose the best ride on lawn mower for your needs, so take a look at these attachments and their uses before you make a decision.

Baggers – They will automatically suck up your lawn clippings for you to put them where you wan them.

Aerators – Many people rent one of these, but you can get one for around $100 that you can just pull behind your lawn mower. Lawn aeration works well in areas with dense soil. Getting an aerator attachment for your mower will let more more water and nutrients reach the grass roots.

Carts – Attach a cart to the back of your lawn tractor and you can use it for hauling heavy things around.

Lawn Sweepers — An alternative to a bagger, you pull one of these behind your lawn mower, and it automatically sweeps up grass clippings and leaves and puts them in a holding area. If you have a large yard, getting a lawn sweeper will save a lot of raking and bagging time.

lawn sweeperSnow Throwers and Blades — Lets face it, shoveling the snow off your driveway is a major chore in the winter. Why not put your ride on lawn mower to use in the off season by putting a snow thrower on it? If you live in a place that snows a lot , you will probably use it more in the winter than the summer!

Tillers and Cultivators — If you want to have a garden, a tiller or cultivator attachment can easily be hooked up and pulled by your ride on mower. Although the tiller attachment costs about as much as a walk-behind tiller, it is a lot easier, since you only need to tow it.

Spreaders – Hook up a spreader to your ride on lawn mower, and you will be able to plant new grass seed, fertilize your lawn, and spread sand or ice melting agents in the winter. Tow-behind spreaders mean you don’t have to push a hundred pounds of seed or fertilizer around your yard anymore.

When choosing a ride on lawn mower, keep in mind which, if any attachments you would like to add, even if you won’t be buying them for years. Planning ahead this way will save you money in the long run. If you simply need to cut your grass without any attachments, then buy a basic lawn mower with an engine right for your needs. If you won’t be needing the accessories in the off season, garden sheds or garage ceiling storage are good places to put them.

You can find these and other accessories either online or at most large stores that sell garden landscape supplies. Choices and prices will vary from store to store, so you might want to check a few places before making a decision.

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