LCD TV Brackets And Plasma TV Brackets : Selection Simplified

LCD and Plasma televisions are rapidly replacing the televisions of the past. Middle and even lower income families are including them in their home environments with ever increasing frequency. Part of the TV selection process should include the choice of a means of display.

LCD TV brackets and Plasma TV brackets should be factored into the television selection process. This article will help you determine the best choice to make. We will examine the criteria for making an intelligent selection that will result in your pride and satisfaction.

Consumers who are in the market for an LCD TV or a Plasma TV should be aware that the search includes selecting the best manner of presentation for their new addition. LCD TV wall mount brackets or Plasma TV wall mount brackets need to be researched to find the best match to your application. Once one determines the criteria for this choice, it becomes pretty much procedural with your style and preferences incorporated. Thus, a little diligent study will guarantee a result that you will be pleased with.

Presentation is a prime consideration in the selection of an entertainment setup. The available space in your chosen room helps dictate this. You need to access both the opportunities and limitations offered by your home.

Once you have determined the size of your TV, you need to decide on the support system. The strength and the quality must be closely examined when searching for the right support for your application. An LCD TV or Plasma TV mounting bracket might best meet your needs. There is a wide selection available from which to choose, such as an LCD TV ceiling mount or a generic flat screen ceiling mount. They list their maximum weight load. Many are tested by Underwriter’s Laboratory, which tests them at four times their listed weight load limit. With the UL seal of approval, there should be no concern whether they are made of steel, or aluminum, wood, or a combination of these. Strength is a good indicator of quality workmanship and quality design.

Another criterion to include is that of movement. There are four main types, of these television brackets. You could get a flat fixed bracket for LCD TV or Plasma TV sets. This offers the thinnest profile as it presents the television as a picture hanging on the wall. It has no floor space requirement.

A flat tilt LCD TV wall mount bracket or a flat tilt Plasma TV wall mount bracket is a variation that is suitable for hanging a television up high, such as over a fireplace mantle or a piece of furniture. It can be tilted to present the best viewing angle.

The swing arm is another type of Plasma TV or LCD TV mounting bracket. This variation allows the TV to pivot in different directions to accommodate different viewing areas.

One of the nicest designs of wall mount brackets for LCD TV or Plasma TV sets is the articulated or cantilever design. similar to a TV swivel. The television can be recessed and pulled out, which permits it to be hidden in a cabinet and pulled out for viewing. In addition, this type of bracket for Plasma TV or LCD TV sets can be pulled out and pivoted up to 180 degrees for viewing from adjoining rooms on either side.

Once you know your size requirements, and strength requirements, and preferred style of television presentation, you can narrow your range further by your budget. This will simplify your search for LCD TV or Plasma TV wall brackets considerably. This will also open the door to examining other options within your range. Ease of installation and ease of use are two such considerations. Brackets for LCD TV and Plasma TVs have different degrees of adjustment within permitted movements. Different models also may have some variation in their stability when locked down. The performance of Plasma or LCD TV wall brackets includes both the ease of setting up and the ease of use making adjustments to the TV position and also the stability during viewing. Remember to look for a quality locking mechanism on wall brackets for LCD TV sets and wall brackets for Plasma TV sets.

You can even find anti-theft and security features on TV brackets for LCD TV or a Plasma TV wall bracket. Cable management is another consideration in the selection process. Some brackets have channels or wire-ways to hide wires and cables and some use clips to the frame to organize them. Unsightly tangles greatly detract from the appearance of a showpiece television. Another convenience that you might desire is the addition of a quick connect feature. Component connectors are incorporated into the design. Some entertainment centers include shelves for other equipment in coordination with the brackets for Plasma TV.

In summary, when selecting LCD TV brackets or Plasma TV brackets, you will need to know your home space, your TV size, the style or look that you are going for, the type of brackets you desire for the movement you need for your TV, the ease of both installation and use, the quality of materials and quality of performance, the safety factors, cable management and, of course, the cost. You want your wall brackets for LCD TV or wall brackets for Plasma TV to protect as well as display your TV. Your television and your television stand are both investments, but they are also rewards to yourself. Use these guidelines to determine your own criteria, and your quest will be made simpler and easier and your choice will then greatly exceed your initial expectations.

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