LED Christmas Lights for a Greener Holiday

You can use LED Christmas lights instead of the conventional variety to make your holiday season a little greener. They are easy to find as most stores sell LED Christmas lights if they sell Christmas lights at all. A greener Christmas really is a possibility!

LED Christmas lights both consume less energy and last ten times as long as their traditional counterparts. They use 75% less energy. You can imagine the electrical savings to be had when you use this type of lighting in your home.

Just like traditional string lights, LED Christmas lights come in various shapes and sizes, such as “globe,” or “mini.” They can be found in the form of icicles and nets as well. Regardless of the color you prefer, you should be able to find them in stores.

The LED type of Christmas lights are safer when compared to conventional lights. You can connect numerous strings together without worrying about overheating them. But you should still check the box or manual to find out the recommended number of strings that can be safely connected.

Solar powered LED Christmas lights are available if you want to go even greener with your holiday displays. Because they harness the sun’s energy, these lights are more energy and ecologically friendly. Some models automatically light up at night. Amazon usually sells a 50-light strand for about $17. As such, you’ll save both money and energy by purchasing these LED light strands.

One thing that turns some people off from LED Christmas lights is their initial cost. And, of course, it’s true that traditional incandescent bulbs are less expensive than LED light strings. However, in the long run the higher initial costs are recouped by savings from the more efficient and greener lighting solutions.

If you don’t want to purchase LED Christmas lights because you still have working incandescent strands, you can get Christmas light timers to use with your existing lights. Timers like these are designed to regulate the amount of energy your lights use. Not only that, they can also make your house more burglar-proof by giving the appearance that someone is at home (turning the lights on and off) when you’re actually away for the holidays.

Regarding safety concerns, you should always observe safety protocols whether you use incandescent or LED Christmas lights. For example, avoid pulling the cord when you unplug the lights so you don’t tear at the wiring inside. Check for damage before storing any strands. Don’t use lights that have loose connections, broken sockets, or bare wires. Store Christmas Lights, and any electrical decorations, in a dry place where they can’t be damaged by water. Keep them out of children’s reach during storage, to ensure the wires are not damaged.

Christmas is a time in which we can make our planet and our future greener as we also celebrate our family and religion in this season of giving. Lots of little steps can go a long way, so don’t forget that every little bit counts.

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