LG Vacuum Cleaners Review

LG vacuum cleaners are making headway in the world of vacuum cleaners, including hardwood floor vacuum cleaners. Early this year at CES 2011, LG Electronics showcased a full range of innovative appliances including vacuum cleaners. Bearing the motto “Capturing dirt is just a start”, LG Electronics is dedicated in making innovative ways in improving our life today.

The newest line of LG vacuum cleaners has a Motorised Dirt Compression system, which compresses dust into cubes for easy and hygienic disposal. It can virtually hold two to three times more household dust than other models. It holds more dust and dirt without enlarging the design. There are no bags for the collected dust, but there is a dust cabin for those compressed dust. This is LG’s patented Kompressor technology. As the dust becomes compact, the need to empty the dust will be minimized. You can say good bye with those messy bags. The dust undergoes series of filtration plus a HEPA filter before it reached the compressor. The HEPA filter can catch up to 99% of household allergens making LG vacuum cleaners ideal for those with asthma and allergies.

The new LG vacuum cleaners can pick up things that standard vacuum can’t. With DualForce™ Technology, LG vacuum cleaners have two additional air pathways. This will result on maximized suction of dirt and debris over a wide surface area. You don’t have to scrape you carpet to get those nasty stuffs, LG vacuum cleaners will do the job for you. Use it to suck dirt embedded on the carpeting. The suction power and the HEPA filter of LG vacuum cleaners make pet hair removal from carpet and upholstery relatively easy. With LG’s suction power, you’ll be surprise on how much dirt you have on your home. Dirt that other vacuum cleaner can’t remove. And unlike other vacuum cleaner, LG vacuum cleaners are on the quieter side.

The Click ‘N Go™ wand gives you an additional 15 feet of reach ideal for hard to reach areas on the floor, over the stairs or up in the ceiling. It is attachable and extendable making it so versatile. It comes with a RF control which will allow you to control settings remotely. You don’t have to go back and forth adjusting the settings; the power is within your grasp. It also has a 40-foot cord, long enough to clean a large area. There is also a separate compartment where metal objects go to.

Among the newest line of LG vacuum cleaners, LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum – Model: LuV300B probably is the most popular today. The price ranges from $100 – $200. Other models in the Kompressor series include LuV200R, LuV400T and Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner. All of which are ergonomically designed for quick and easy use. In addition,” the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America certified the Kompressor series as “asthma and allergy-friendly.

Another latest product from LG early this year was the LG’s HOM-BOT robotic vacuum which uses camera mapping technology. It has two cameras, top and bottom and it only 3.5 inches tall. These robotic vacuums are ideal for hard floor use.

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