Light Shades – Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas

If you need light shades for your home you will find that you are not short of choices. A nice shade can either make or break the decor of a room, depending upon the style that you choose. They are available in a whole manner of materials, colors and patterns. Expensive silk shades bring elegance and grace to a room whereas inexpensive polyester shades will ensure that your room’s decor looks effortless yet welcoming. Fluted shades look traditional in style while pleated are best suited to dens and bedrooms. Choosing the perfect style of lamp shade can take time as there are a wide variety of different styles and factors to take into consideration.

Cleaning Lampshades – Once you have purchased light shades, it is important to find out the correct way in which to clean them. Over time, your lamp shades will collect dust and other residues from the air. This happens so gradually you may not notice it at first. As a result, it is important to clean them every 3 or 4 months. To make your shade look as good as new, carefully take it off its lamp and dust it with the use of a feather duster. Follow by filling the kitchen sink with warm soapy water and use a wet cloth to wipe down the shade with soapy water. Wipe the suds off the shade with a clean cloth. Leave the lamp shade over the bathtub to enable it to drip dry or take it outdoors and leave it on your clothes line. If time is limited, dry it with a towel. Ensure that you do not put the shade back on your lamp until it feels completely dry.

Ensure that you have no safety hazards by checking that adequate space exists between the light bulb and the light shade itself. In addition, using lower wattage bulbs in your lamps is recommended. If a shade becomes too hot too quickly following switching on the light then it is advisable to select bulbs of a lower wattage.

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