Light up your bathroom with a large bathroom mirror

A mirror can single-handedly make or break a bathroom. A stylishly designed large wall mirror, or a cunningly placed one, has the power to make your bathroom look bigger, give an airy feel to the room, or become the focal point of the whole bathroom. You will need to put careful thought into its selections, especially if you wish to light up your bathroom with a mirror.

Here are some ways in which you can adorn your bathroom with a large mirror:

• A large bathroom mirror has several uses. Large mirrors are, of course, appropriate for large bathrooms. However, if you place a very large mirror in a very small sized bathroom you will notice that it will miraculously open up the bathroom, make it look airy and lighted, and give the whole place an airy feel. This is the power of a large mirror.

• If you are specifically concerned with the lighting of the bathroom, place an overhead light on you large or medium sized mirror. This will immediately double the amount of light in the room and brighten it up. However, you must consider the shadows this creates as well. If your vanity unit or cupboard is extremely tall it could come in the way of the light and create many shadows.

• Another trick is to place is lamp or a bulb directly across from the mirror. This will of course work if your mirror is for decorative purposes only, since, otherwise, it could cause a glare in the users eyes.

• Lighted large mirrors are getting very popular. A lighted mirror comes with its own lights attached, either above it or as a part of its frame, etc. This is the ideal way to light up the bathroom, because the whole unit serves two purposes. It will add an extra amount of light and also adds that zing to bathroom décor.
As you can see there are several very good reasons to use a large bathroom mirror in your home decor and interior design style.

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