Light Up Your Gazebo

Outdoor lighting can add a special touch to your gazebo and the surrounding area. Illumination enhances everything from obscure shadows to areas that are punctuated by the soft glow of lights. Electric gazebo lights or string lights can be purchased and strung along the ceiling of your gazebo or along the vertical side rails, if you have a gazebo with that type of set-up, or you can add some outside lighting to the area around your gazebo to enhance the space. You can also add outdoor chandelier style lights that gently illuminate the interior of your gazebo and add a charm all their own.

There are many choices when it comes to actually purchasing a gazebo. If you are planning ahead on adding lights to the structure, you might want to choose a model that will facilitate hanging the lights up around the top or rails. Make sure that you have an outdoor electric source nearby to where you set up your gazebo if you are planning on using electric powered gazebo lights. If you don’t have electricity nearby, or are looking for a more energy efficient choice, there is also the option of using some of the new solar powered string lights that can be found at many stores. You can also buy low-voltage lighting kits that will give you the kind of lighting effect surrounding your gazebo that you may be looking for, and they are easy to install as well.

Try deciding on certain areas on and around your gazebo that you would like to light up. By not lighting up the whole area, you will be able to focus on just a few places that will be accented and that will create more interest and atmosphere. You can light up just the interior ceiling of the gazebo, string lights just along the gazebo rails, or simply dot the area surrounding your gazebo with a few landscape lights that subtly and dimly add warmth and a bit of brightness. Lighting can also be installed along pathways or decked areas that you may be entertaining in that are nearby.

Gazebo lighting not only adds a mystic feel to your entertaining, but can also serve as a security deterrent for your home. Having just enough light to ward off intruders is definitely something that you should consider. There are lights that you can purchase that come with timers and automatic controls so that you can adjust the light settings to come on when you desire them to, or that can be triggered to turn on when movement is detected in the area. Adding some light around your gazebo helps to ensure that no one is lurking around after dark without your knowledge.

Another way to add lighting to your gazebo is by installing lighting around the structure rather than directly on the gazebo itself. You may choose to purchase flood lights or single beamed lights for accenting plants or even trees close to your gazebo. Or a few spotlights that shine on the corners of the gazebo from below can add an interesting look and feel to the space. Accenting nearby shrubs, water features, or even garden statues by lighting them up is also a great way to bring your garden to life at night, especially when entertaining.

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