Light Up Your Life With Garden Patio Lights

Lights in your garden can turn a pleasant area in your yard into one loaded with ambiance. A garden with a sitting area is very nice but the addition of lights might make it a place of tranquility after the sun goes down. Garden patio lights do not have to be extravagant nor is it necessary to have lights similar to those that light up Fenway Park in Boston, unless you intend to use your garden for night baseball.

Garden lights can be path lights that illuminate the walkways around the garden or they can be standard pole lights to illuminate the entire garden area. The light plan for your garden patio might be a combination of the two.

It is a good idea to check with your local zoning, planning and building department for any necessary permits that may be needed. If you are planning on doing work within an environmental zone under the jurisdiction of the local conservation commission, check with them also for design and construction criteria.

Before deciding on what lights to buy and install, decide what the after dark use will be. You may decide to be prepared for any activity that might take place in the garden but that may require a very costly purchase and installation plan. Don’t forget, unless the lights are solar powered your electric bill will increase with the use of outside lighting.

Speaking of solar lights, consider integrating them into your lighting design. They are decorative, stylish and environmentally sensitive. It is a way of building a little bit of green into your property. If you live in an area that has limited sun, solar lights probably will not be a consideration for you.

Electric lights mean a power source. Unless the house was built with outdoor lighting in mind, you probably will have to install a wiring system. Since your city or town will require inspections and a certificate of compliance, you will have to have the work performed by a licensed electrical professional. That will add a good chunk of cost to your project.

There are garden patio lights that are powered by propane. The lights are attached to a standard propane canister and will provide light for approximately 1 hour per ounce of propane. These types of lights are removable and move-able. You can put out as many lights as necessary for whatever function you have planned.

Basically before you start anything come up with a plan and a budget. This will ensure your money is well spent and you get the garden lighting of your dreams.

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