Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Charcoal Grill

These days it seems everyone is obsessed with huge gas grills that offer all their convenience of an outdoor kitchen. But there’s nothing wrong with a traditional way to barbecue either, and sometimes looking towards the past can remind us of the best things about barbecue in the first place. You don’t necessarily need a huge backyard barbecue in order to deliver quality food, and the Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Charcoal Grill is proof positive of that fact. The Lodge Logic is a heavy Hibachi style barbecue that uses charcoal as its main fuel source, and even though it provides a more traditional cooking experience, you will also notice modern technology at play in the way it evenly distributes heat. You’ll also appreciate the cast-iron grill that offers cooking performance that is unmatched by steel or aluminum. It’s pretty much the best of both worlds and delivers authentic charcoal taste that you can’t quite get with a gas grill.

The only disadvantage of the Lodge Logic is you can’t use it for slow cooking, and it doesn’t have a lid that will allow you to intensify the smoke effect. Other than that, you get a perfect portable charcoal grill that is ideal for camping or any other type of outdoor adventures. You can easily take this handy grill to the beach, use it to impress your friends at a tailgate party, or even to cook up the most delicious picnic you’ve ever had. Despite its sturdy construction, it’s light enough that you can take it with you anywhere, and there is minimal fuss in terms of setup time. Given the amount of heat this product generates, you will obviously want to set it up in a safe area, preferably not on a wooden park bench.

Cleaning this barbecue is surprisingly easy, just make sure to do it after each cooking session. You won’t have problems with having to disassemble certain parts in order to clean this barbecue, and that’s one of the main disadvantages of using gas grills. Also keep in mind that since this barbecue falls into the portable category, you won’t get as much cooking space as a main backyard barbecue. You might have to portion off your cooking and separate meats and vegetables rather than being able to cook everything all at once. On a side note, if you enjoy cooking high-end stakes and quality cuts of meat, then this barbecue is really the way to go. No other product out there offers the ability to cook on a cast-iron grill, and you’ll really taste the difference in terms of juicy steaks that are deliciously seared on the outside.

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