Log Rack Types and Uses

If you own a wood-burning fireplace or fire pit, then you will need to store wood to burn in the fireplace all winter long, or even all year round if you use the fireplace throughout all seasons (which is often done with outdoor fireplaces and firepits). An outdoor log rack is the perfect way to store your wood neatly and conveniently so the wood is available for use whenever you need it.

Log racks come in a variety of sizes and styles and their primary function is to keep wood organized and to keep it off the ground so it is not exposed to the constant moisture of the ground and insects, where it can rot. A log rack can hold a few pieces of wood or as much as a full cord of wood at a time. For those that use lots of wood throughout a season, log racks can be set up side by side along a wall, fence, shed, garage, or just about anywhere outdoors to store as much wood as you need.

Outdoor log racks are primarily constructed from powder-coated steel and have a very basic design. They are streamlined structures intended solely to store wood, and are not generally intended to enhance the outdoor décor. A log rack can be an open square or rectangular structure or a more enclosed round or arc-like structure (sometimes called a firewood or log hoop), and either style works equally well at containing cut firewood to be used in your indoor or outdoor stone fireplace or fire pit.

A fireplace log rack, on the other hand, is typically a smaller rack that is used to store a few pieces of extra wood alongside the fireplace to keep the fire burning. Fireplace log racks can be more decorative in nature and can be used indoors or out and are much smaller in size than outdoor log racks that are intended to house large quantities of wood. A firewood log rack that is used indoors can be constructed from just about any type of material that has an opening to store a few pieces of firewood. Log racks used indoors can be metal, wood, or can even be wicker baskets.

Firewood log racks used outdoors near outdoor stone fireplaces or fire pits, however, need to still be constructed from materials that will hold up to the elements of the weather, even if their design is more decorative in nature.
indoor log rackA log storage rack is a convenient way to keep your extra firewood organized neatly for use whenever you need it. To easily move firewood from your outdoor log rack to your indoor firewood rack or directly to the fireplace, you can use a firewood tote or log holder to carry the wood comfortably and without getting dirty or subjecting yourself to splinters.

If you don’t like the look of a large log rack when you only are left with a small quantity of wood, you can order an adjustable log rack that can be made larger or smaller, depending on the quantity of wood you need to store. This type of log rack works well if you order a large quantity of firewood at one time but then take a long time to go through it and want to keep things organized.

While a fire log rack works well to keep wood stacked neatly and to keep it off the ground so it is not exposed to moisture and insects, wood stored outdoors is still exposed to the elements of the weather. One way to protect the wood from excessive moisture due to rain or snow is to use a log rack cover. Log rack covers keep the wood covered while stored so the wood does not get wet and is ready to burn whenever you need it. A log rack cover can be easily removed whenever you need to gain access to the wood stored in the log rack so you can bring it indoors or set up your fireplace to prepare for a roaring fire. Log rack covers are a great accessory to have, since wet wood does not burn well.

If you own a wood burning fireplace, then owning a wood log rack to store your extra firewood is a useful accessory to have. It will keep your wood organized neatly, will protect it from the moisture and insects on the ground, and if you use a log rack cover, will even keep your firewood dry when it rains or snows. There are a number of different styles and sizes of log racks, so choosing the one that best fits your needs and your outdoor space should be an easy task.

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