Looking for The Best Cheap Memory Foam Mattress and Topper?

Memory foam mattress and topper for itWhat’s wrong with this title? It has words “cheap” and “mattress”, and we know they don’t go together. Or do they? Lets try to figure that out in this short foam mattress review. The truth is, you CAN find a a cheap foam bed that has a good quality. There aren’t plenty of stores that will offer a discount and you will have to browse through them until you find one that suits your needs and your budget. Before we figure out where exactly should we search for one, lets see what exactly we are looking for.

There are some ground rules you should know before you go to look for a cheap foam mattress. It’s the same thing as with cars or any other product – you simply have to know the basics if you don’t want to make a beginners mistake. Yes, mattresses are not cars, it’s just bedding, but they still cost a lot and we can all save some money. So why not get a discount foam bed and get the right one?

Quality of the foam

At them moment you spot a model that looks like it could be your next comfortable sleeping surface, you have to make sure it has a quality. The thing is, most of the time affordable foam mattresses are made out of lower quality foam. And this is the reason they are affordable, of course. So you have to check for the foam density first. If the density is at 2lb, then you have a problem. The properties of these mattresses are low since they are quite thin. They do not have the right quality so you have to keep looking. Do not fall into a bad mood, just keep looking. This is no reason for you to pay a high price for an expensive memory foam like Tempur Pedic. Just keep looking.

Cheap foam mattress on a metal bedA minimum density you should look for is 4lbs since it delivers a great support and has that soft feel that all memory foam mattresses are popular for. When you find a cheap foam bed with a 10.0″ of thickness, then you hit the gold mine.  Check out the price and see are there any additional expenses. Delivery can hide the right price so you should ask are there any extra charges.

Because this type of mattress is labor intensive, it costs more money then others. This is why there are many manufacturers that are entering this market ad trying to earn some money. They will make a bad quality foam mattresses and sell them at a “discount price” to consumers, so it would seam that everyone are satisfied. But the truth is, manufacturer gets the extra income due to the popular name of the bed type and brand, while consumer is stuck with a lousy product he won’t enjoy in or will be able to use it at all.

What you can do?

I dare you to go to your local super store and find a discount memory foam mattress. With the information I gave you just now, you will be able to spot a lack of quality at once. You will see that the foam flakes or breaks down, even when you are not even sitting on it. Of course, there are some manufacturers who will try to hide it so the customer can discover that only when they try the product. This is not ethical, but that is the way it is. You have to keep your eyes open when dealing with expensive products like this one.

One of the best guidelines is to stay away from the prices that are too good to be true. They usually aren’t, and you should remember this because you won’t get a cheap futon for free.

You have to work for it. Right memory foam topper are quality products and are not easy to find. You should know that there are many bedding manufacturers that use dangerous chemicals in the process. These chemicals are dangerous to our skin and can cause different reactions as well as giving out a bad smell. Some people can’t even sleep on these low quality products and then the manufacturers are hiding this with mattress covers just to sell this discount foam mattress and get the money. The best advice here is to go for a US product. If you find Asia made products, stay away. Asian manufacturers use chemicals more often then others.

How can you be step ahead?

To determine which foam mattress has a good reputation is to read mattress reviews and ratings online. Especially if those reviews are made by consumers, people who already own and sleep on those products. That is the best possible source of information for you and you should not disregard it. This is how yo can easily sort out which cheap foam bed you should take, considering quality, features and price. Amazon and Epinions are the best know websites that offer reviews of many products. You’ll get a lot of free information there, without anyone trying to sell you anything.

Memory foam mattress, pillow and a blanket

Few manufactures I would like to mention here are Sleep Aid, Absolute Comfort, Bergad and Abed. The Sleep Aid foam mattresses solved their problem they had with heat, and the Absolute comfort and Bergad foam mattresses have a decent quality. Stay away from Abed since they have low quality products that fail to soon. As you can see, there are some ways to get a decent cheap foam mattress, you just need to invest some time in it. Good luck with your search.

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