Luxury Versus Cheap Mattresses – Which One to Buy?

Luxury mattress, a pearlThe price of any product whether it’s a durable consumable or an engineering product, depends primarily on two factors: the cost and hence the quality of raw materials used and the technology employed for manufacturing it. Without doubt the same applies to mattresses also.

The raw materials that go into the making of a mattress include foams, fillings, and fabrics, latex and springs etc. The better the quality of raw materials, the better will be the quality and hence the life of the final product. Hastily assembled beds using inefficient outdated machines can’t be expected to have a long life and the manufacturer can afford to sell these at a lower price.

On the other hand, those prepared with high quality of raw materials with a better and proven manufacturing technology will produce a better quality product. Use of quality raw materials and latest manufacturing techniques add to the cost of the final product that no manufacturer can afford to sell cheap. But, does it imply that cheaper mattresses or any product for that matter, is not worth buying. Look at it from a different angle.

We are all aware that the performance of a good quality product is dependable. A good quality bed may last for ten years or even more and offers the expected comfort for a long time.

Even a low priced product offers the desired and expected levels of comfort but not for so long perhaps as a more expensive bed. So, ultimately it boils down to its life.

Cheap mattressA highly priced and well recognized brand may last for ten years whereas a not so well renowned brand may last for just three or four years. Now, if you work out the economics of the whole thing you may realize that the cost per day of comfort would almost be the same in both the cases!

Another factor that you are likely to ignore is that by buying some product of mass consumption that will last for the next ten years or more deprives you of the benefits of technological advancements that are bound to be there during such a long time.

Are you willing to accept that the mattresses would be made the same way for the next decade? You can afford to change a relatively cheaper product more frequently rather than cleaning an old mattress, and thus continue to have a feel of technology with passing years. Add to that the thrill and excitement of having a new product at home at not too long intervals.

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