Mahogany Sideboards

Due to their fine craftsmanship, mahogany sideboards are frequently the focal point of dining rooms. Most often they become family heirlooms that are passed on through the generations. Mahogany is a beautiful hard wood that has a reddish hue and when properly cared can last for hundreds of years.

The antique mahogany sideboard buffet offers more than just storage for linens and servers, or a place to display fine china and stemware, it also lends itself as a surface to rest platters and other pieces during the meal. This multipurpose furniture may have at one time been a symbol of status as they were normally only kept in the formal dining rooms of the finest homes of Europe’s elite society. Purchasing an antique mahogany sideboard may be quite expensive depending on their condition and origin. While the cost may be higher than that of a contemporary sideboard, the investment is likely to pay off in both monetary as well as sentimental value.

Antique mahogany sideboards are often found in traditional or Victorian style homes but can also be integrated into Mission style and craftsman homes. Today’s mahogany sideboard is usually more contemporary in it’s lines and often incorporates other materials such as marble, tile, glass or granite. While not as costly as the antique mahogany sideboard, genuine mahogany contemporary buffets are still quite an investment.

To find the greatest selection of mahogany sideboard furniture as well as the best pricing deals including free shipping and other discounts, start your shopping online. Often many retailers and individuals sell antique sideboards online. There are also many companies that offer custom designed buffet furniture that can be created to your specifications and distinct style preferences. Other areas of distribution are local antique shops and consignment shops for the antique sideboard and fine furniture stores for the more contemporary styles.

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