Maintaining Ventless Gas Fireplaces

Ventless gas fireplaces offer an efficient, cheery way to heat your room without the mess, wood storage problem, external components, and constant refilling of wood fireplaces. These fireplaces use natural gas, such as propane, which it burns with the air from the room.

You will no longer have to haul the wood from your storage area and sweep up the mess you made in doing so, as the natural gas can be piped to your home directly from the gas company, eliminating both the clean up and having to watch it to make sure your wood has not burned up, extinguishing your fire. You just turn it on and let it burn until you choose to turn it back off.

The ventless gas fireplace does not need a chimney, flue or external vent ducts. This not only saves money on the installation, but also on the heat loss from and the maintenance of these additional parts.
To get the maximum life and efficiency out of your fireplace, you need to keep it maintained in good condition. A professional should check and certify the outlet, however; you can do the inspection and cleaning yourself, either at least yearly or after eighty fires.

Always remember to take precautions when inspecting and cleaning your fireplace, such as making sure the fire is completely out and the outlet cold all the way to the tip. Make sure the ventless gas fireplace is very well fitted and check that all screws are tightened. A chimney brush works well to clean the outlet and remove creosote buildup.

As they do not require the amount of clearance room from walls that the wood-burning ones do, you have more options on where you can place them. They are very efficient, with a minimal amount of maintenance required, and make no mess to operate. The beauty of the fire will warm your sole before the heat of it reaches your body.

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