Make the Most of Your Bay Windows with Blinds

Bay windows are very elegant and stylish and they do really add to the overall ambiance of a room, however they can be quite difficult to decorate properly. There is often a dilemma regarding whether to install blinds or to place curtains in the bay window. The decision should be based on how the rest of the windows in the room are going to be fitted, as well as the overall look you are hoping to achieve. For some, a bay window is a decorative window set off from the rest of the windows whereas for others the bay window is used as shelving or even a place to sit.

When installing blinds in your bay windows you will need to measure for three blinds as each separate window, no matter how narrow the sides are, will need to be fitted separately from the main window. It is fairly simple to measure for these blinds but not quite as straightforward as one would think. For example, while the larger front window can be measured from side to side, you need to allow a little more clearance for the side blinds as the windows come in at an angle and the blind will need to be slightly narrower than the actual window in order to not clash with the side blind.

The best thing to do in this case is to first of all decide on the style of bay window blind you would like and then, once you have decided what you want, then ask for specific details on exactly how to measure your window for blinds. Some stores will actually send someone to measure the blinds for you at no extra cost if you are purchasing the blinds from their shop. In many ways it is a good idea to avail yourself of this service if it is available, as there is less risk that erroneous measurements will be taken.

Wood or faux wood blinds are often a favorite choice for bay windows. Venetian blinds look very nice in bay windows and they are also very useful and easy to care for and clean. Shutters also give bay windows a very classic look and complement the overall bay window style very well. Both style of blinds can be found made from wood, faux wood or even vinyl.

Another interesting style of blinds that look great in bay windows are mini blinds. You can either buy them in a neutral shade, or you can add a splash of color to your room with the choice you make. It is also possible to find graduated color blinds where the darker shade starts at the top and moves to a lighter shade as it progresses down the length of the blind, or vice versa. One unique idea is to install blinds that actually open from the top down, as opposed to the regular style that pull up from the bottom.

Whatever style you decide on, be sure to make your bay window a show piece. It is fairly simple to do, especially if you make the right choice of bay window blinds. If you are unsure exactly what to do take some time to look through different home décor magazines and see what other people are doing with their bay windows. If you have a bay window you certainly should make the most of it.

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